29 August 2012

Home Stretch

"Basically, you could go into early labor anytime now and we wouldn't try to stop it. We're on the home stretch now."

Why yes, that is exactly what I wanted to hear from my doctor last week. Ha. Hahahaha.

I think that certainly means we are close, don't you??

Today I am exactly 35 weeks and 5 days, meaning that there are

4 weeks and 2 days left (or less...or more)!!!

Woohoo!!! I am feeling more and more prepared as we get closer, thank goooooodness. I've taken a birthing class, not so sure if I wanted to see everything that was shown to me, but at least now I am well informed. VERY WELL informed.

We have set up the crib (HALLELUJAH!!!!) and her dresser. My sweet, sweet husband surprised me when I got home late from a photo shoot this past weekend. He set up the crib and fixed her (our old) dresser and set it up in her room. Not to mention he organized all of her clothes by size! Isn't he the sweetest thing ever? Man, I don't know how I lucked out with such a great guy. Anyway, it is amazing how different her room feels now. It is all so real. We are getting ready to bring a little girl home to that room. Eeeep.

I have also decided on a nursery color scheme. I know, I know, I know. Go ahead, gasp. I am just as surprised. I got major revelation in California when we were attending a church meeting there. This woman was wearing a coral skirt, royal blue shirt, and had a light aqua iPad cover. It was like, a trifecta of perfectness.

Okay...really, spell check? Is trifecta really not a word? This is news to me.

Alright, here's my definition and understanding of trifecta.

Trifecta (n): Three things that come together to create a perfect harmony.


Anyway, this trifecta was just screaming at me throughout the entire church lesson, and I just knew that was the color scheme that I've been looking for. It's not only spiritual blessings one can receive from attending church. Haha.

I've been having a hard time incorporating the royal blue, but I will stick to coral and light aqua as my main colors. I imagine the colors coming together like this...

So. In. Love.

Now if only coral and aqua were easier colors to find for baby stuff.....basically, I'm planning on buying a lot of coral and aqua spray paint. Haha.

I can start (yes, start) buying things once we have the baby shower, which is this weekend! Yay! We have finished registering (Target and Walmart, for all those who have been wondering) and are feeling pretty confident about what babies need. They need A LOT of stuff!! It's like they can't fend for themselves or something!

I feel like I'm on an exclamation overload. Sorry, I'm just so excited!!!!

I'm also excited to not be pregnant anymore. Yes, I know, I've heard a million times about how much easier it is to take care of the baby while it is inside than the outside. I realize that! But I'm ready for it. I'm ready to be able to breathe normally again. Yeah, THAT has been the hardest thing for me. I feel like I'm breathing through a tiny little straw, about the size of the ones that come with your Capri Sun. It's the worst during the evenings and when I am trying to sleep, of course. Nothing that I do can make it better, so I just have to deal with it. Last night I woke up about ten different times because I couldn't breathe. And of course, my bladder decided to feel like it was going to explode every single one of those times.
Basically...sleep is hard to come by!

I'm also stoked to be able to fit in all of my clothes again. Also stoked about not being swollen in about every place possible. I've gotten to the point where I can't take off my wedding ring, which is really saying something because normally it is too loose! My feet get so swollen, especially when I do a lot of walking and moving around. Which, unfortunately, is increasing now that I am back in school.

I also can't wait to have a normal restroom routine throughout the day. I seriously feel like I have to go every hour. Sometimes I'll hum, "I Need Thee Every Hour" to the toilet. Don't judge me.

But out of all of those things....I am most excited to become a mommy and welcome a new little soul into our family!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to see what her little personality is like, and what color of hair she has, or if she has any hair, and see her beautiful baby blue eyes. I can't wait to cuddle her and sing to her and teach her all I know about life. I can't wait to watch her become Daddy's little girl (let's face it....we all know it will happen) and watch Clayton and her interact. I can't wait to see what she obsesses over and see what she can't stand. I can't wait to hear her first words, see her first steps, and hear her laugh.
Babies are so gosh dang adorable. I wish she would hurry up. :)

So, what are Clayton and I up to while we are waiting for little baby Z to get here? Well, let me just tell you. We both started school again for the fall. I'm going half time and Clayton is going full time. I am keeping my part time job at the Law School and also doing photography and graphic design on the side (usually on weekends). Clayton is working almost 40 hours a week at Summit High, too. We are keeping REAL busy, people. I'm not really sure how we are going to incorporate having a little baby in the middle of it all, but I think that somehow we will manage. Our lives will just keep getting busier, right? :)


Malae and 19-22 inch, 6 pound cantaloupe baby (who knew those kind of melons existed...?)


  1. Aww this made me tear up thinking about all the cute things you're excited about for your baby! I'm excited too! I just can't believe I'm not going to be there to meet her. The good news is that babies rarely remember their first several months and then I'll come meet her and she'll never be able to forget me...MWAHAHAHA

  2. It's true that they are easier to take care of on the inside, but they are SO MUCH MORE FUN on the outside!!!!