31 July 2012

Test Results & Nursery Ideas

Looking back at some posts I've realized that I've forgotten to post some things. I officially hit my third trimester July 5th! Wow...I can't believe how close we're getting! At the same time, I feel like I've been pregnant forever. I have been pregnant since February, after all. Phew. What an adventure it has been though. Only 8 weeks and 3 days to go!

A few blog posts ago I asked for advice on exhaustion and how to deal with it. A few of you suggested that I get tested to see if I was anemic. Well, I did and the test results came back negative. Negative for everything, in fact. I'm pretty normal as far as testing goes. I am very happy to have received those results, but I was secretly hoping that there was something else to explain the constant exhaustion. 

I am still exhausted. I am restless at night. I can't sleep through the night either because I need to use the bathroom or the sheer fact that I'm trying to get comfortable with a kicking, punching, squirming watermelon in my belly. I am sore. My back aches. My head aches. I waddle. I can't bend over. I get car sick. My clothes don't fit.

Being pregnant is hard.

But....I wouldn't trade it for the world. 

I am SO blessed. There are so many people in this world that are unable to have children. There are many people that have lost their children. There are many people that have lost their children before they are even born. As of right now, I am not one of those people. My heart aches for them, and I am simply amazed that I am blessed to be able to experience the wonderful miracle of the creation of life. 

What a wonderful responsibility our Heavenly Father has trusted us with. How can I feel inadequate about being a mother when my own Father has given me the ability to raise one of his own children? He knows perfectly how to raise a family, and I have the blessing of his help and guidance. Not even Dr. Phil can give me greater advice than my own Father.  

. . .

Now, onto fun baby stuff! I'm really struggling trying to figure out what color scheme I want the nursery to be. I feel obligated to incorporate pink because, well, I'm having a girl! What if I never have girl again?

I've considered the hip color schemes that are super popular right now, such as grey & yellow, teal & red, etc, but I just can't decide on one that I'm totally in love with. Decisions, decisions, decisions. I come up with color schemes every day for my job, yet this is the most daunting color scheming task I've ever had!

Here are my top picks, but first, here are a couple of things to consider. The crib we have is dark brown wood. The dresser we have is white. The walls are tan. Pretty much everything this little girl owns already is pink. I want to have poms on the ceiling and block letters of her name on the wall. Of course, I want a chandelier, but I don't think we can get away with replacing our light fixture.
Okay, now proceed to look at these and give me ideas.

I love this color scheme. It's unique, airy, and girly. I would use cream, white, light faded pink, tan, and gold. I already have gold lamps and a white dresser that would work perfectly with this color scheme. I love the rustic look of the burlap banner, and I think that making one wouldn't be too hard. I still want to put block letters up of the baby's name either on the wall above the crib or the wall across from the crib. I don't know what color I would paint the letters. I LOVE the poms on the ceiling, but I don't know if I could find those colors of tissue paper...

I love the objects in this picture more than the actual color scheme, but maybe light pink and dark pink would be cute? I've just never been a pink person. Maybe it's the redhead in me, and the thought of mixing pink with my red hair just makes me cringe. I LOVE the ruffled crib skirt, but those are a billion dollars and I don't have a sewing machine or the time to make my own. I also love the suspended poms. I can easily make my own. I also love the letter above the crib. I would rather spell out her entire name though using block letters. We need to figure out how we are spelling her name, first....

I love the coral, green, grey, white and grey. The coral makes it girly enough, I think. My only hesitation with using grey is that our walls are tan and I am not sure how well they would blend together. Basically, I was drawn to this picture because of the cute little framed "Z". :)

This is so classy. I love the blue, pink, white, and gold. Like I said before, I already have gold lamps. I wouldn't be able to paint the walls blue though, so I'm not sure how much I would be able to incorporate blue. Our crib looks just like the one in this picture.

So there you have it. Once I've figured out a scheme then I can finally start buying, registering, making things, and designing baby invites. This is a serious step that I need to take, guys. Help a momma-to-be out.  


  1. I'm pretty sure that you could find any color tissue paper online. I also love all the trendy color combinations, but I wouldn't do a room in them just because of that. I dunno, I've always felt a need to be somewhat "original" although it's rather hard these days. Like I've always loved owls and have wanted to do like an enchanted forest theme for a nursery forever and now owls are super popular and now my idea seems trendy rather than original. Gah. Not that I should be worried because its not like I am pregnant. Haha.

  2. I like the coral and green. I don't think that it has to be an all pink room just bc it's a girl. You could easily trade the grey out for tan and I think it would still look great. And you could still have coral, green, and maybe cream poms on the ceiling. And coral block letters :)