04 October 2012

Countdown: 2 Weeks

Last week I left the doctor feeling pretty good. I was 37 weeks, I was dilated to a 1 and was 75% effaced. I had only gained a quarter of a pound since my last appointment two weeks prior. The baby was in the right position and was making her way down. The only thing that didn't point to me going into labor soon was that my cervix was still posterior, which means it's facing the wrong way for delivery. Silly cervix.

I was feeling pretty hopeful going into the doctor today. I have had some major abdominal cramping at night time this week which I think were Braxton Hicks, but if not, they still are signs of my body getting ready for labor. My coworkers were making me hopeful today by saying that it looked like the baby had dropped significantly. So, I was expecting to go in to the doctor today and hear some more progress. 

Aaaaaaaaand nothing has changed. Except that I am now 80% effaced and I have finally reached the 25 pound mark. Oh, and my test results came back as positive for Group B strep. It is normal and won't affect me, but it could affect the baby during delivery so I will have to be on an IV with an antibiotic during labor. My cervix is still posterior and I'm still at a 1, so looks like we won't be having this baby anytime sooner than she's due. :(

Can you tell that I am ready to have a baby now?? Amazing what having a baby shower can do. :)

This past week I've been "nesting", which apparently happens to expectant mothers around 38 weeks. It totally exists. I've had a burst of energy this past week and completely got baby Z's room ready. I organized all of her clothes by size and organized everything in her closet and bathroom. We found a super cheap rocker/glider for the nursery, too. Now we have all the furniture we need and most of all the baby things we need. Her room still needs to be decorated, but I'm in the process of getting that done. It's on the back burner since it's not really required to be finished for her to get here.

The baby shower was two weeks ago and it was so awesome! A HUGE thank you to everyone that came and especially to Angela, my mom, Kambrie, and Susan for helping plan it. It went great and lots of people came. My mom went above and beyond with the food and it was soooo good. Baby Z got so spoiled! I can't believe how much stuff babies need. 

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