21 May 2012

Ready for a change.

Last week I felt extremely anxious. I couldn't exactly pinpoint why and I'm sure it was driving my husband crazy. I think these may have been factors...  

1. It finally feels like summertime. 
2. I want to go on a vacation.  
3. I want to go on an adventure. 
4. I want to be outside.
5. Did I mention that I want to be outside???

Me + working inside all day = very sad Malae. This girl loves to be outside when it's bright and sunny and warm. I really just want to go to a lake or a beach and just soak up sun! 
Clayton and I were planning on going to Disney World last week with his parents to visit his sister Angela while she was living in Florida. We were so excited and then a few weeks before we were supposed to go, we both got the feeling that maybe we shouldn't go and save our money instead. We thought about it for a long time and decided that we should stay. We are still pretty bummed that we didn't go, and we still aren't really sure why we felt that we shouldn't, but maybe someday we will find out...
...we are most likely moving soon. We've had our fun in our current apartment, but it's time to find a better place that is cheaper and somewhere we can be happy living in for the next 3 years. And we really want to find a place that feels like "home", since buying an actual home right now seems impossible. Not to mention that our neighborhood is super ghetto and super sketchy. I'm ready to find a place that feels like home. I'm ready to buy furniture that I can see myself having in our own little house someday. I think I haven't bought many things for our apartments because I don't know what I want for my future home. But I'm ready now.

I'm just ready for a change. I'm ready for a new adventure. Ready for something big. I think that is why I have been feeling so anxious lately.

Thank goodness this little baby girl will be here in 
130 Days!!!!

I'm so ready for her to be here. Excuse the fact that we haven't bought a single thing for her yet. It's not that I don't want to. In fact, I don't really know why we haven't bought anything yet. I have a feeling that when I start, I won't be able to stop....

Okay, so this post hasn't really gotten to any points that I wanted to get to. Not to mention it is super unorganized. Sorry.

Yesterday I spent a considerable amount of time outside and it definitely did the trick to bag my super huge anxiety problems. I slept very well last night and all of my anxiety is gone today! Woot! Yesterday we had a picnic after church with Olivia and met her boyfriend/not-yet-boyfriend/person she's dating/boy toy. The weather was super gorge. After the picnic, Olivia and boy toy left for a fireside and Clayton and I spent the next hour taking a walk around Provo. We ran into a few people that had solar sunglasses and they let us look at the solar eclipse with them. That was super cool. We tracked the rest of the solar eclipse that evening with our sunglasses/tinted windows in our car. Then we decided to drop by our good friends Alex and Bekah's new place that was only about 8 blocks from where we were. We played games and ate brownies and talked forever. It was way fun catching up. 

This morning I woke up feeling rejuvenated and refreshed. I am super motivated to get things done and things started. Life is great and I am happy where I am!

Baby updates:
Little baby girl Talley is currently the size of a spaghetti squash, 8in long and 1 pound. Here's a visual:

Wow...that's a large baby! She has been kicking and punching extra hard lately, which I love. She was really active in church yesterday and so I had Clayton put his hand on my belly so he could feel her. She pushed her little leg right into his hand and he said he could feel her foot! I thought that he was going to explode. He was so excited. Clayton is going to be the best daddy ever. Pretty sure we already have a daddy's little girl on our hands. :)

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