30 May 2012


Today I am almost 23 weeks -- it finally seems like I am going somewhere in this pregnancy! I'm definitely showing a lot more and I have finally had strangers ask me if I'm pregnant. YES, YES, YES I AM!!! I'M NOT JUST FAT!!! Woooooo! I feel that is a major milestone. This is what my belly looked at 21 weeks and 22 weeks!
21 weeks
22 weeks
I'm starting to get a little anxious to start buying everything for our baby. I know she *hopefully* won't come for awhile, but I want to be as prepared as I can! We look at baby stuff all the time...we just haven't broken down and bought anything yet. Honestly, I am not really sure where to begin. I have a pretty good idea what I need to buy, but there are just so many things that it gets a little overwhelming. 

So, I'm in my second trimester, and I am looooooooooving it. It's SO true when people say that the second trimester is the best. It is smooooooth sailing, baby. Really, the only symptoms I have are backaches, getting tired easily, headaches, having to pee all the time, and occasional hot flashes. But that's it. That's it! I'm still taking anti-nausea medicine and that has literally been the best thing for my pregnancy. I'm kinda bummed that I still get way nauseous without the medicine at this point in my pregnancy, but I can definitely deal with it. A few weeks ago I ran out of medicine and was soooo sick. I threw up about five times that morning in less than two hours. I had to drive myself over to the store to pick up my prescription and I threw up on the way and on the way back. It was awful! I couldn't believe that my body still got so sick! Let's just say I will never run out of medicine again....

The hot flashes that I get are really weird. I started getting them about a month ago. I get really really hot and start to sweat (even if I'm cold!) and feel like I'm going to pass out if I don't eat any food RIGHT THEN. Once I eat some food then I feel fine after awhile. But man, those are so weird! I got one today right when I came into work but now I feel totally fine. I also have to use the bathroom all the time. It doesn't help that the baby likes to sit right on my bladder most of the time, and the fact that I drink like 5 water bottles a day. Haha. My coworkers can vouch for me on that one! I also get really tired really easily, which is kind of a bummer. I like feeling like I have a lot of energy and doing simple things like packing and moving really wears on me.

Speaking of moving...
Our little baby girl moves like crazy! She is kicking and punching me all the time, especially at night time. She always wants my attention when I'm trying to sleep. :) Yes, pretty sure that is a preview for what it will be like after she is born. Sometimes I feel like she is in a boxing match with my stomach because she will punch me in the same spot for a few minutes at a time. It's so weird. It's also super weird when I'm watching my stomach and I can see her move. It's just weird that there is a human being inside of me! A few days ago Clayton was resting his head on my stomach so he could feel her and she kicked him right in the face! It was so funny. He's already grounded her.

Really speaking of moving...
Oh, we are moving this weekend! :) We have finally found the house that we want to live in for the next 3 - 5 years that we will be in Utah. We've had the hardest time getting a house because of Clayton's seasonal (but consistent....grrrr) jobs and so we are going to continue to rent for the rest of our lives. Okay not really, but it sure feels like it sometimes. But it's okay for right now. We found a beautiful twinhome to rent in Spanish Fork -- my hometown!! It will be a little weird living in Spanish Fork again, but we are just SO glad to get out of Provo/Orem. We love Springville and Spanish Fork and basically anywhere that is NOT Provo or Orem and so we are stoked out of our minds that we are leaving Provo for good! 

The house is absolutely beautiful and has EVERYTHING that we are looking for to raise our family in for awhile. It's on a corner lot and has three bedrooms, a TV room, 3 bathrooms, a 2 car garage, a walk-in closet, a large fenced yard, and lots of room for storage. It's super clean and our neighborhood seems pretty calm. Well, I guess we will see how that really pans out when we live there. ;) Oh, and did I mention that we are paying less than what we are paying for our place now?? It's incredible. Such a blessing. I'll have to post pictures when I get them from the husband's phone.

Last night we spent over an hour in our house just imagining our life there. We picked out our baby girl's room and figured out where to put the crib. We chose a room for our office and imagined how we would set it up. We imagined where our bed would go in our bedroom. We imagined a little puppy playing in the backyard. And we imagined how we would baby-proof everything. Ha ha. 

17 weeks and 2 more days until little baby girl Talley arrives!! Yay!! 

Mama and papaya baby out!


  1. So much fun to read about your plans and your life! Do you have plans for a baby shower? I offered a baby shower to Jessica in the Fall, but I have the feeling that you'll be having your baby sooner. Maybe I should plan one for you? I am very excited that you are planning to move to Spanish Fork for a while. You'll certainly be closer to me!

    Would you like to have a baby shower? If so, when would be good? I would love to host it and we could find a place in Provo area for peopler to come.

    I am in SoCal with my Mom and Dad. They'll be admitting my Dad into Hospice on Friday. I promised myself that I would stay here until she got him into hospice then I would go home to take care of things and come back.

    Let me know about the shower. It would be fun to celebrate the life of your new family!!

  2. I want to come to the shower! Yay for the baby showing in your tummy! I'm sooooooo excited. And the boxing match comment makes me laugh--imagine having a boxing match between a child in your tummy and another one on the outside of oyur stomach--yep, Clayton and Angela when I was prego with Ang. Love your blog!!