06 February 2012

Just some good ole updates.

Last week, I didn't throw up at all on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.
I think that can be largely attributed to my new friends Ginger Ale and Pretzels.
However, that isn't exactly the most healthiest mix of food that I can be eating, and I would really like to stay healthy during this pregnancy.
I didn't drink any ginger ale this morning to see if I could do without it.


I feel super sick this morning.
And it makes me wonder how the rest of my first trimester is going to pan out.
I'm taking four (really hard) classes at BYU right now and working a part time job.
It's proving to be difficult to accomplish everything I want to with school and work when I feel like I'm going to puke my brains out all the time. And feel like I'm going to fall asleep every time I sit down. I am SO tired, no matter how much sleep I get!
I would really like to get good grades this semester.
I would also really like to graduate before 2017.
I need to take all of these classes, except for one, to graduate.
Seriously considering withdrawing from the class I don't need...I could use less stress right now.

So...our first doctor appointment is today. :)
Definitely hoping to get lots of advice and lots of answers.
I can't wait to find out our official due date and to see how our little blueberry/raspberry is doing.
I'm so so so so so so so so excited!!!

Clayton and I decided that we were going to tell Nick, my brother, about our pregnancy before he leaves on his mission {THIS WEDNESDAY}. Yes, I am freaking out a little.
At first we were going to tell him the day he went into the MTC by handing him a "we're so proud of you" card, and then inscribed on the bottom would read, "P.S. You are going to become an uncle in September!"
Then we decided that probably wouldn't be a good idea. Plus we really wanted to see his reaction.
We also wanted him to be alone, so we decided that we would tell him yesterday while the rest of the family was busy with other things.
So we cornered him in his bedroom last night.

First, we told him how proud we were of him that he was going on a mission.
Then, we congratulated him....because he was going to become an uncle. During his mission.
At first he was smiley and and happy and then he realized what we said and his face changed into pure shock.
Yes, that is right. You are going to become an uncle in September.
His eyes were as big as saucers. He kept asking questions.
"So, wait, was this a surprise?" Hahahaha.
He was SO happy!!!!
Telling him just made it that much better and real for us.

And on another note.
I basically LOVE this girl, Jena Burr.
Her blog is so relatable all the time.
She says things how they are.
She also just had a baby a few months ago, and I've been reading her blog religiously to help make me feel more prepared for this baby.
Jena posted an amazing/scary post today about her experience having a baby.
Am I scarred? Yes. Yes I am.
But I am so grateful. I had no idea about any of that stuff.
But, the biggest message that I took away from her blog today was

"Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven."

That is something that I really needed to hear (read) today.
Thanks, Jena.

You can read it here: http://jenakarron.blogspot.com/2012/02/it-aint-pretty.html?spref=fb

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