02 February 2012


I found out I was pregnant yesterday.
Whoa...back that train up.
Did I really just type that??

I found out I WAS PREGNANT yesterday.

This. Is. So. Cool.

I'm pregnant!
I'm preggers!
I'm prego!
I got knocked up!

Ok. I only added that last one because Clayton keeps telling me that I got knocked up.

But really.

For the first time in my life. I am going to be a mommy. I am going to have a baby.

I have never been so happy and overjoyed, aside from my wedding to my wonderful husband.
I feel like I have been living in a dream since yesterday. I feel like I am in a big, wonderful, ralphy, daze.

I say ralphy because that is basically all I have been doing today. Ralphing. Puking. The works.

As much as I love throwing up EVERYTHING I EAT, I really can't complain because there is a baby growing INSIDE OF ME!

Ugh, I hate CAPS. Look at me using all these CAPS. I must be super excited or something.

The first day of ralphing was not bad at all. It just did it's thang, and then went away after an hour.
Yesterday was a little worse, and the nausea didn't go away for awhile.
Today got even worse. I woke up around 2:00am because I felt nauseous, and took a quick trip to the bathroom. Then, I felt nauseous even before I got out of bed at 6:30am.
Then I got smart. I decided that if I didn't eat anything, my stomach would have nothing to throw up.
So I didn't eat anything.
And then I got hungry.
So I drank a little bit of juice.
And then I puked...a lot.
And then an hour later I puked again for no reason.
I waited another hour and finally couldn't take it any longer, so I ate half of a bagel and some juice.
It all came back up in a quick, fierce fury.
Sorry for the TMI.

3 times in less than four hours.
It seems like this ralphing thing is getting worse.

My first doctor appointment is on Monday with Dr. Broadbent.
I have never met him before, but he was recommended to us by the BYU Health Center staff.
So we decided to give him a try.
I am sooooooo excited for our appointment.
The BYU Health Center receptionist said that she thought I was already 6 weeks along.

6 weeks?!?!?!

That was a surprise.
I don't think I am that far along; I'm guessing more like 5 weeks.
But we will find out more information on Monday, and I can't wait.
I can't wait to find out everything I need to know about being pregnant.
I can't wait to find out the possible due date.
(If my calculations are correct, we will be having this baby in September...right around our wedding anniversary.)

I feel so giddy. I feel like a little girl, that happens to be pregnant.
Clayton and I are stoked out of our minds!

I HATE keeping secrets though. I want to tell everyone right now.
My co-workers already think that I am pregnant.
I sent an email to my boss yesterday morning telling her I wasn't feeling too well the past two mornings, but I would come in and work in the afternoon.
As soon as I got into work yesterday, I immediately got confronted by my coworker Karen.

K: "So, Robbie (my boss) says you've been feeling sick in the mornings."
M: "Yeah, my stomach just doesn't handle things very well sometimes."
Keep in mind that I am a HORRIBLE liar.
K: "So are you pregnant??"
M: "No!"
K: "Are you sure?"
M: "Yes, I promise that I am not pregnant."
At this point I was positive that she could see right through my filthy lie. I could feel her staring through my soul....
K: "Alright..."
K: "Or are you pregnant but just don't want to tell us??"
She got me. I failed.
M: "Karen, I promise. I am not pregnant."

As she was walking away I almost called out to her and said, "Okay! You were right. I'm pregnant!" But I didn't. I just hate lying. And I'm the worst at it.

Then I got approached by two other coworkers that asked me the same things.

A definite downside of working in an office full of females, most of them being older than my mom, is that they all have this sixth sense and just KNOW EVERYTHING.

I'll have to tell them pretty soon because I can't keep making up excuses. And I'm pretty sure they all know anyway.

I can't wait to tell our families.
My mom is going to be SOOOOO excited.
My dad is going to pass out.
My siblings are not going to believe us.
My mother-in-law is going to faint. And then throw a party.
My father-in-law is going to be SUPER excited.
My siblings-in-law will either tell us, "I knew it!" or not believe us.

It's going to be the best.

I can't wait for the rest of our new adventure to pan out.
Each day we get more and more excited.
Each day I get sicker and sicker.
Each day I feel more blessed.

I heard something once, that women tend to "glow" when they are pregnant.
If that is true, then I feel like a walking glowstick.
Because I feel like I'm glowing all the time.

Being pregnant is the best.

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