10 December 2011

Longest night of my life.

One thing that I heard about "recovering" from getting off birth control is that the first period you have afterwards feels like death.
Feels like death. Huh, guess that saying doesn't make sense.
More like...feels like your dying. Yes, much better.
My first period with being on birth control wasn't bad at all. My cramps were more intense, but nothing to cry over.
My second one wasn't too bad either.

Then my third one came along.


My family and I were in Mesquite, Nevada, spending the night at my great-grandma Sales' house. We were going to the air show at the Nellis Air Force Base in Vegas the next day.

Clayton and I were sleeping on the hide-away bed in the front living room. We had fallen asleep at 1:00am because we stayed up chatting with my siblings.

Exactly at 2:00am, I woke up because it felt like someone had ripped open my lower stomach and was tying all my abdominal muscles together in tight, terrible knots. (Gross, I know.) I couldn't breathe very easily because the pain was so sharp.

I went to the bathroom to see what had caused this impromptu freak muscle-tying episode, and lo and behold, I had started my period.


These were CRAMPS?!?!

Never had I ever had cramps so bad in my entire life!

Luckily I was prepared hygienically, but I hadn't even thought to bring Advil. My family had gotten to bed late and there was no way I was going to wake them up to see if they had brought any.

I went back to the hide-away bed and attempted to fall back asleep so my mind wouldn't focus on the pain.

Haha, that seemed like such a wonderful idea.

Instead, I was up all night tossing and turning, trying to get into a position that would lessen the pain. Each time I looked at the clock, it had only moved 5 minutes.

Longest night of my life. I probably slept 30 minutes total.

The next morning (or should I say finally when everyone woke up), I asked my mom if she had any Advil.

She did. Praise the heavens.

I told her that I had "a really bad headache" and was  restless all night.

I really love all these excuses and secrets that I get to come up with while we are trying to have this secret baby.

Anyway, after experiencing the worst night and period of my life, I was definitely hopeful that would be the last period for awhile. Nine months, actually.

Well....today is the day that we should find out if we might be pregnant or not. I'm supposed to start my fourth period today since I've been off the pills, and everywhere that I have read has said that my chances of getting pregnant are higher after the third cycle.

So here I am...on the brink of the fourth cycle. Hopefully not.

Technically, I'm 9 hours and 15 mins late starting my period.

Ha...I don't want to get too hopeful, but hey....

I'll keep you posted as the day continues.

Crossing my fingers.

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