12 December 2011


So...today is day 3 of missing my period.
The husband and I really wanted to find out if I was pregnant before we left for Colorado this Friday, so we called the doctor and asked if it was too early to come in for a prego test.
They said it was fine and sometimes they could find out results before a woman even started her period.

We decided to go in.
Clayton came and picked me up from work and we headed over to the BYU Health Center.
We went into the lab and I awkwardly asked if I could take a pregnancy test.
He was like, my age, so I felt really weird and somewhat ashamed, even though I had no reason to be.
The tech handed me some papers to fill out.
While I was writing, I made sure the technician could see my wedding ring and I held onto my husband tight.
Ha. I worry too much.
Then he handed me a pee cup and I locked myself into the bathroom.
I was so nervous.
I stood there for a good 3 minutes before I prepped myself.
I read over the instructions at least 10 times.
Luckily, I had waited to go to the bathroom for the entire last 3 hours of my shift and was ready to explode, so I had to get started before my prego evidence was running down my leg.

Of course, the peeing part was the hardest.
I had to go SO bad but nothing would come. I felt like I was being watched.
What felt like six hours later, finally I was able to go, and slid the cup into the little door on the wall that led to the lab.
I washed my hands six times and then went back to the waiting area to where my husband was happily eating a lollipop.
He informed me that he had a problem with billing so I went up to the front desk to get things straightened up.
The very nice ladies helped me as best as they could.
I informed them that we wanted this test to be a secret, and since I was on my parent's insurance, we needed to make sure they wouldn't see the bill.
The receptionist's eyes lit up and they quietly assured me that they would do all they could to make sure it was kept a secret.
One lady got on the phone to get help with the billing, and when she said "pregnancy test", she whispered it to the receiving end.
So cute.
They told me to come back and let them know the results, only if I wanted to.

I went back to the waiting room and within five (long) minutes, they called my name.
I timidly went up to the desk and looked at the paper.


A big, fat, negative was staring back at me.

I quietly said, "oh", and then went back to Clayton.
I shook my head as I was walking over to him.
He had the same reaction as I did.
We kind of sat there for a minute to take it in. We expected a negative, but we were really hoping for a positive.
We gathered our stuff and headed out of the lab. We stopped at the tech's desk and asked a few questions.
They said that a negative could possibly be wrong, and they recommended that we take another one after my period was supposed to be over and it still hadn't started.
They were very nice.

We passed the receptionist desk and I shook my head.
"It was a no this time," I said.
They gave us sympathetic looks and words, and wished us good luck.

Well, at least I can say that I've taken a pregnancy test now.

It's just weird....I have always been pretty regular and if I am late, it is only one or two days, which is quite rare.

Oh well, it's not our timing.

It's the Lord's timing, and He will bless us with a baby when it's right.

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