28 November 2011

3 Months.

Apparently, you should expect to wait 3 months after you stop birth control to get pregnant.
Okay, I didn't know that.
It's been 3 months.
Yes, the husband and I are very anxious.
Hopefully we can still get pregnant before Christmas so our plans won't get spoiled.
I really, really, really want to be pregnant by then.
Because our plan of how to reveal the first grandchild to both our parents involves them opening a few surprise gifts during Christmas.

I was feeling nauseous all day yesterday and had a huge headache today, but I'm trying not to get my hopes up.

So...I feel like everyone is giving us an even harder time about not having a baby yet, or how we shouldn't wait.
They are all totally right, and that's exactly why we decided to start trying.
My favorite thing in the world right now is letting everyone think that we are still waiting until I am finished with school.
If that was the case, it would be another one and a half years. Hopefully.

Angela keeps telling us that she is going to have a baby before us, and she's not even married yet.
Kambrie says we will probably have kids around the same time.

Silly, silly girls.

Oh, and by the way.
We didn't get the house in Payson. The loan company wanted us to get a co-signer, and thankfully, we didn't get one.
I say thankfully because I would rather try to purchase a home completely independently than not.
As much as it hurt to realize we weren't getting the house, I'm okay with it.
It simply wasn't our time.
We learned SO MUCH about the house buying process. More than any class could have taught me.

However...two days before we learned about the house we had accepted callings for our new ward.
Clayton got called as the second counselor in the Young Men's presidency, and I got called as a sunbeam teacher AND the ward Young Women's camp director.


I almost laughed when I heard the words come from the counselor's mouth, but I didn't.
I was completely flattered but more terrified than anything. I have never really considered myself to be the leader-type, but if the Lord thought I could do it, then I would trust Him.
After a mini nervous breakdown about the callings, I finally was able to get extremely excited about it.

And then two days later we had to break the sad news to our ward that we weren't going to be able to hold our callings.

That was the saddest moment for me. It was heartbreaking. We were so excited to work with these kids.

Anyway, we are now living in a basement apartment in Provo.
We moved all of our stuff in one weekend, which was the same week we found out about the house.
Very glad we found a place so quickly, because we didn't want to move during Thanksgiving break or during the last and most stressful weeks of school this semester.

I really like our new place. It's newly remodeled and modern-looking. It's spacious and cute.
Once we get everything unpacked I will love it even more. :)
That is the second move for us this semester. Talk about stressful.

Speaking of stressful...I best be getting back to work and try to not die during the next two weeks of this semester.

P.S. Our newest favorite baby name for a girl is Zaydrie.

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