27 December 2011

Confession time.

I keep a regular, personal blog aside from this blog.
I blog in it a lot and I am the only one who sees and reads it.
It is kept private, so nobody else can find it.

I feel like it is easier to blog in that blog than this blog, because....well, I am not writing for an audience.
It functions more as a personal journal.
It is easier to express myself.

Whenever I feel like I should post on my public blog, I lose interest because I feel like I need to catch up from the last time I blogged, which is usually a good few weeks.
However, I want to feel like it is easier to post on this blog so I can keep friends and family updated with our lives.
Also, just to write and to be heard (or read, in this case).
I find it is easier for me to express how I feel through just about anything other than spoken word.
I prefer written word, photographs, music, art, dance, film, and about every other creative medium.

So, as a resolution (this seems like a good point in the year to do this), I am not going to be intimidated by all of the consequences related to posting to a public blog.

Okay...update time!

Clayton and I are now living in Provo in a cute little basement apartment.
It's decorated like Christmas and I intent on keeping it that way at least until my birthday. March.
We decided not to get the house in Payson.
It was a great hands-on learning experience for the both of us and we definitely learned more than any class could have taught us.
I think it is safe to say that now we are more prepared than ever for when our for reals house buying time comes.

We both have had a pretty good semester.
I have decided to apply for the Graphic Design and Photography programs at BYU in March so that I can apply for both at the same time.
Clayton...just wants to graduate and work for Disney. Ha.
Clayton also got his got his scuba certification, so now he can go scuba diving when we go to the beach while I sit back and happily watch on dry land.

Right now we are enjoying a long Christmas break in Colorado with my in-laws.
It has been so much fun! I love being over at my in-laws house and being with them.
They are all so wonderful and are great company to be surrounded by.
We have enjoyed watching Christmas movies, making gingerbread towns and castles, playing Just Dance 3 and Dance Central 2, visiting the Harris family and Peine family, caroling around to lots of houses, baking Christmas treats, drinking eggnog, taking chinese pictures, going into town and going shopping, and we even got to see two brand new twin baby Christmas goats....that both died.

But they were so cute when they were living.

One goat didn't survive the night because the mom didn't take care of the babies. The second goat was barely alive the next day, and here is a video of us trying to nurse it back to health.

This little goat didn't make it either. So heartbreaking.
I could not last long emotionally living on a farm.
Too many attachments are made and I get attached very easily.

Well, I feel like this post is very all over the place and unorganized....oh well! 
This is my blog and I control what I want to say, and when.

Until next time!

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