19 October 2011

Exciting things and updates for my crazy, beautiful life!


So, I have this problem.
It's called being a student, being an employee, and being a wife.
The results of said problem?
No. Time. To. Blog.
And then, when I get time to blog, I get scared because I am so behind in updating about my life.
I get overwhelmed, and then find a relaxing distraction.
This is sometimes known as Pinterest.
Who knows how (considering the odds) I am on here blogging right now....definitely a miracle!!!

I don't know how else to do this but


First of all, the new house. 
I love it, and it loves me.
It's located in the cute sweet town of Payson (yes, I am a traitor to all my Spanish Fork-ians).
The house has 3 bedrooms, one office, 3 bathrooms, one large kitchen, one small living room, and one family room. It also has one deck, and two patios. And a kitty. (Kitty not included. Sold separately.)
I love my kitty.
Except our neighbor kids keep stealing him, and then bringing him back later in the evening (after I've bawled my eyes out in fear and worry for my kitty).
Then they claim that the kitty kicked down the fence and followed them home to school.
Or they say the kitty jumped over the fence and followed them home.
Or they say he moved the rocks out of the way and followed them home.
Wow, looks like I have a super-kitty on my hands!!!

Anyway...love the house. Will post pictures once I feel it is adequately decorated.

Second of all, school.
I really like this semester.
I'm taking 2D Design, Art History, Italian, Visual Arts Seminar, and ZUMBA!!!
Best semester that I have ever had!
I think I am doing pretty well in most of my classes. Italian is hard because I spent most of my summer learning Spanish, so I get confused easily. But I'll get the hang of it.
Love, love, LOVE my design classes!!! I know that I am supposed to do design for the rest of my life. <3
Zumba is so much fun. It is such a hardcore workout! The choreography is a blast and my teacher is amazing!

Third of all, work.
Still love my job and love my coworkers!
Just got a raise, super awesome.
The only thing that is hard this semester is that I have to work really early hours!
Since we live in Payson now, my cute and adorable and sweet and handsome and hunky husband that I love carpool to school/work everyday. The hubs has to be to work in Orem at 7:45am each morning, so he drops me off at 7:30 to start my day.
Wouldn't be so bad if we didn't go to bed at like midnight each night.

Fourth, exciting things.

Exciting Thing #1 - My brother just got his mission call to serve in the Colombia Bogota mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints!!!
He leaves for the MTC in February.
So so proud of him. I will miss him like crazy.

Exciting Thing #2 -We are leaving for California TOMORROW for DISNEYLAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH!!!!!
Much needed VACAY!!!!
Technically I am not missing any school/work because it is UEA weekend.
Oh wait, I attend the only institution in UTAH that DOES NOT GET A BREAK THIS WEEKEND.
It's okay. I'll deal with it. I'm only missing 5 classes...ha.
I deserve this.
Oh, and we are totes going with our besties Jocelyn and Chris cause they are the bomb and scored us free passes for a day.

Exciting Thing #3 - The hubs and I were on the news.
It was mucho awkwardo for me, but luckily for me Jocelyn (mucho famouso reporto...well she is to me at least) edited it just right and made me sound somewhat coherent.
Check it out!

Exciting Thing #4 - I have the best family in the world!!!
My parents and siblings are so great and I am so blessed!
Thanks family for being so awesome!!

Exciting Thing #4.5 - Halloween is coming up!!! Yay for the holidays.

Exciting Thing #5 - My frog is still alive!
Yes folks, this is exciting stuff.
I have now kept a pet alive for more than seven months!
This is a record.
Okay, it was a record when the frog was still alive the second day after I got it.

Exciting Thing #6 - My Italian teacher fell off his roof a week ago and broke his arm AND his leg.

Exciting Thing #7 - Last week my wonderful in-laws came and visited us all the way from Colorado!
We had such a blast!!!
Watched Super 8 (highly recommend it!)
Went up Payson canyon to see all of the beautiful fall colors!
Went out to eat at Mimi's Cafe! (I enjoyed the meal the day after, because I spent the whole night puking my brains out from some hormonal imbalance...)
Went to the park and took pictures!

Exciting Thing #8 - My beautiful cousin Abbie got engaged to her wonderful boyfriend Evan!
They are getting married in December in the Salt Lake Temple!
Yay for love!!!
This means I get to see my family that lives in Missouri!
Yay for family!!
And they asked me to take their engagements and bridal pictures!
Yay for beautiful people and portfolio ops!!

Exciting Thing #9 - I apply to the Graphic Design program and Photography program in NOVEMBER!!!

Exciting Thing #10 - May get more than 5 hours of sleep tonight!!! Woot!

Exciting Thing #11 - Recent picture!!


  1. Bahaha. I'm glad I'm a mucho famouso reporto. :) We should hang out soon and make Christmas decorations using ideas from our favorite site: PINTEREST!!!