22 August 2011

The beginning of lasts.

Today was the day I took the first pill of my last pack of birth control (well, until the next time arises). Scary. This is seriously nerve-wracking! I don't know if I can handle being a mother!

This September we are planning on going to Disneyland for our anniversary/vacation with our friends. If our timing works out right, I will very close to becoming pregnant or even be pregnant when we go. This will be the last time I will go to a theme park without being prego or having kids. How weird!!!!

I kind of wish I had a surprise pregnancy so I wouldn't let myself get so anxious about it, but then again, I'm glad that I have time to prepare myself mentally, physically, and spiritually.

I still don't know how we will be able to afford a baby. I really don't. But I know it will all be okay. A high counselor gave a talk this past Sunday that was perfect for me, and soothed all my worries. He spoke about the amazing power of tithing. He told one of "those" stories, where he was a poor married college student that needed a job very soon. His wife was pregnant and they didn't know what they were going to do. His job was ending soon, and he had lots of job interviews, but none of them were going anywhere. They were paying a full tithe, and were doing everything they could. At a point of desperation, he got down on his knees and poured his heart out to the Lord. Even before he finished his prayer, the phone rang. Lo and behold, it was an employer, offering him a job.

I almost cried. Clayton and I had just been in that almost exact same situation. I know that we will be blessed because I know the promises of the blessings we will receive from paying a full and honest tithe.

I am so grateful for the gospel...I don't know how other people without the gospel in their lives do this kind of stuff without it.

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