24 August 2011

Better have a girl first...

Today we are celebrating...with pizza...also known as the meal that takes .5 seconds to make...definitely a celebration meal (for me at least).

We are celebrating because the offer we just extended for a house yesterday got accepted today!!! Woo-hoo!!! This is the second house we've had an accepted offer on. We backed out of the first home because it was just too far away. But this house, if we get it, is perrrrrrrrrfect.

It's located in Payson on a cute little corner lot. On the left of the house is a huge field with lots of beautiful horses. On the right is a house, in the front there is a house, and in the back is...our backyard. :) That's right, only two real neighboring houses.

It technically has 4 bedrooms, but one is completely tiled and doesn't have a closet, so I think we will use that as an office. Or a dance studio. Or a salon. Salon meaning the place where I expertly (ha...) will cut my family member's hair. So it will probably become our office.

Three of the bedrooms are upstairs, which includes the master. The other two bedrooms are cute - one is painted pink and one is painted purple. We better have a girl first....just sayin.

It's a beautiful home. It needs to be cleaned up a bit, but I'm willing to work to make it even more beautiful.

So, now that our offer was accepted, we are waiting to hear back from our financial guy, Dan. Once we get the final financial approval, we are good to go!!!

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