22 August 2011

What the end of my summer looked like.

Today it hit me that I only have seven days left of summer. Including today. And I spent all day at work. Which is what I will be doing for the rest of the weekdays this week. 

O to the M G!!

I am so sad that summer is practically over, but I can honestly say that I had the best summer in my whole life! I have had so much fun and I spent it just how I wanted to. Here is what my last month of summer looked like:

We bought season passes to Lagoon with our best buds Chris and Jocelyn. Most of our Saturdays were spent here and it was a smart investment! Our favorite rides to go on were Wicked, Samauri, The Rocket (when it was working), Colossus, The Spider, Bumper Cars (okay...that one was my personal favorite), and Rattle Snake Rapids. Our season pass included Lagoon-A Beach, and we loved going on the four racer slides to see who could go the fastest (or which slide was the fastest...or slowest, in some cases).

Filmed music videos (soon to be released!) for my rockstar brother and went to his concerts

Saw lots of amazing sunsets....

Played with kitties, ducks, rabbits, frogs, and baby chicks...

Went to Colorado!!!

Two weeks ago we drove up late Thursday night after work to surprise my father-in-law for his 50th birthday. Hardly any of the Talley kids knew about us coming, so it was a surprise for most of the family! We had a blast celebrating with everyone and seeing lots of Talley relatives that live in Colorado.  On Friday we went to a beautiful lake and had a blast! We caught tons of little frogs and just spent time enjoying each other's company. We floated on the lake and half the kids went with papa Talley to swim out to the little island in the middle of the lake. Boy, that was an adventure. Once they were gone for over an hour, we started to worry. First, we worried for their safety, and second, we worried that we wouldn't be back in time for papa Talley's surprise birthday party, which he had no idea about. After about an hour of driving around the lake and backing the van into a tree (oops..), we finally found them and waved them in to shore. A boat was kind enough to let them hang on for a ride and pulled them onto dry land. 

Here are some pics from our lake adventure:

My super photogenic sister-in-laws

Look at those muscles! ;)

My brother-in-law Jared, having a blast, as always! :)

The beautiful lake!!

Rachel, me and Angela!

All the girls! This was the only good picture - of course, my eyes are closed.

The next day we decided to go to the County Fair at Durango High school. It was so much fun to see where my husband had went to school and to see all of the cool things presented at the fair. Besides the smell, seeing all of the farm animals was my favorite part. After the fair we decided to go walk in downtown Durango. I love Durango - it has so much culture and history. Not to mention it's absolutely beautiful. Olivia totes found a new boyfriend too! 

We ate at Lady Falconburg's, which is Clayton's favorite place to eat, which is also the restaurant that Clayton promised me he would take me to one day when we were dating. I was kind of like, yeah sure, that would be cool (not thinking it would happen), but it totally did. Haha. Life is funny.

Flaming Gorge
This past weekend we went to Flaming Gorge, Utah to go river rafting with my family. I'm seriously fighting the itch to post about this, but our experience there was just too great that it is going to be featured in my next post. :) I'll leave you with a picture, but that's all you will get today! Hahaha! Until next time!

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