11 May 2011

"The sweetness...of doing nothing."

The movie I am watching just said that line and I thought it was quite fitting. Sick {day 6} and having nothing to do but rest and try to get better gives you lots of time to think about things. Currently on my mind....

Thought #1. I'm watching "Say Yes to the Dress" and of course, I can't help but think back when I was shopping for my wedding dress. There isn't much too think back on, because I went to one store, tried on one dress, and bought said one dress in one hour.

Unbelievable. There is no way I could have done that now. I've changed a lot since I've been married. Instead of settling and wondering, now I search and become satisfied. Such a good rule to live by in every aspect in life.

Back to the dress...I loved my wedding dress. There is no doubt about that. But since I only tried on one dress, I can't help but wonder if I would have found a better dress if I kept looking.

I had no idea what I wanted for my wedding. I practically only had three months to decide, and had to juggle a full-time job in between everything. I had one day off a week besides Sunday, and that day off was a day that I could really focus on planning our wedding. 

12 days to plan a wedding. How can anyone know what they want in 12 days? 

Almost two years later, now I feel like I finally know what I wanted. I would want the feel and colors to be like this:

Grey, cream, chandeliers, and elegance.

But now I know what I want, and I am satisfied. I have unlocked a little piece of me and it feels great! I can use this knowledge for future decisions I will need to make. 

By the way..."Say Yes to the Dress" is super boring....

Thought #2. Okay....I know I talk about this a lot. But I think about it everyday. Everyone I know is having babies. I am already baby hungry, and seeing lots of friends getting pregnant and having babies is killing me. Clayton and I constantly show each other pictures of our friend's babies...it's a little obvious what is on our mind. I cannot wait to start a family of my own. I can't wait to see what their personalities are like, to see what traits they get from their daddy or from their mommy, to see their testimonies grow and develop, and to see them learn about the world around them. The thought of becoming a mother is slightly overwhelming to me, but when my time comes, I will embrace it with all I have. I know that being a mother is the greatest calling I can ever receive in this life!

Thought #3. Waiting for summer this year has felt like waiting for gas prices to go down. FORVER, right?? Sometimes it seems like summer is here, but then cold weather comes creeping back and stays here for a few days. It's driving me nuts! During the days that is has felt like summer, I've been so happy! I love seeing people outside going out and about. I hate being cooped up indoors for long. The feeling is so refreshing and cleansing. Thank goodness this weekend is supposed to be glorious. :) I hope everyone has fun plans this weekend and ENJOY the good weather while it lasts!!!

Thought #4. GRATITUDE. Hopefully they are reading this....a trillion thank you's to the kind sweet soul that mysteriously dropped off a "get well" basket full of goodies on my doorstep. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

Flowers, magazine, chick flick, medicine, card game, picture, muffins, and even dinner for my husband. 

What a saint! Just what I needed! 


  1. Ha ha, please tell me you were watching Eat Pray Love! I absolutely know what you mean about the baby hungry thing, too. So where exactly in Italy did Clayton serve his mission? I'm about to live in Florence for a month this July, and I'm looking for insider opinions on what to do, eat, etc. If you two are in Provo for the summer, we should probably do something sometime.

  2. Thought #1: I am VERY grateful that wedding dress shopping was as easy as it was!
    Thought #2: I'm not quite ready to be a grandma yet....
    Thought #3: I can't wait for summer either!!!
    Thought #4: I'm glad that there is someone in your life that loves you as much as I do!
    Thought #5: I hope you get feeling better VERY soon!