08 February 2011

One of those mornings.

Last night I had a hard time falling asleep because I was too hot underneath our very warm comforter. I kept tossing and turning and rearranging and repositioning. I felt awful for my poor husband. Anyway, at some point I fell asleep because I woke up this morning at 7am, just like I do every morning. Everything was fine, I ate breakfast with Clayton and then kissed him goodbye as he left for school. I turned on the radio to my favorite morning show and began to finish getting ready for the day.

Out of nowhere, nausea hit me like a punch in the stomach.

"It's okay," I thought. "I'll just sit down on a chair while I finish getting ready." And I did exactly that. I was determined to not let this ruin my morning. After about 10 minutes, it hit me again. This time I knew I couldn't ignore it and made my way to the toilet.

My eyes watered and nose ran as my stomach convulsed and got rid of everything I had just consumed that morning. It subsided for a few seconds, and then came on again as I unwillingly choked up any remaining liquid in my stomach.

I knelt next to the toilet, shaking, tears running down my face. I knew at that moment that this morning was one of those mornings. 

I know what you may be thinking...no, I am not pregnant. No, I am not bulimic. All I know is that this is a phenomenon that has been happening since I was in high school.

For awhile, I thought it was a reaction to a food intolerance. My little brother was allergic to milk when he was little, so maybe I had something similar. I stayed away from dairy foods for awhile to see if that would change anything, but it didn't. My dad had blood sugar problems as a kid, so I thought maybe it was related to sugar. Nope, wasn't that either. I've even tried anti-nausea pills. Nope, they come up along with everything else.

The only factors that remained consistent are these:

1. It always happens EARLY in the morning, no matter how much sleep I received the night before.
2. Once that nausea hits, 9 times out of 10, I usually throw up.
3. Sometimes, this nausea comes with REALLY bad headaches.

That's it. Those are the only things I have noticed that are constant.

I am planning on taking this case to the doctor, and maybe I'll get some answers. But for now, all I can do is have faith, pray, and try not to let this take over my life every 1 to 2 weeks.

I don't know why this happens. I don't know why it happens so often that it affects my schooling and my job. I'm pretty sure it's negatively affecting me physically. Sometimes I wonder if my body just can't simply handle everything that life throws at me. Maybe it is due to stress. Maybe it's not. Maybe it is just simply here to make me stronger for things to come.

I know there are those who pray in my behalf, and I feel those prayers. They give me strength even when I am at my weakest. Please continue those prayers.

Here is my public plea...If anyone is reading this that knows someone that experiences this same phenomenon as I do, please let me know. What have they found out? What has helped? Maybe this happens to you, too.

Any thoughts or ideas are greatly appreciated.

Thanks everyone....love you all.

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