01 January 2011

Updates, Thoughts, and Day Freaking 17

Right now I am relaxing at my in-laws house taking a break from playing Just Dance 2, Dance Central, and other video games that everyone got for Christmas. I haven't blogged for two weeks and it feels great. Sometimes I get caught up in the whole "oh-my-goodness-I-must-update-everyone-about-my-life-and-take-pictures-of-everything-I-do-so-I-can-blog-about-them-tomorrow-and-come-up-with-creative-and-fun-posts" syndrome. And I'm definitely okay with not getting caught up in that anytime again. It feels good to take a break and just ENJOY life, not focus on telling everyone else about your life.

My sister-in-law Angela and I just debated whether we should start blogging again today (she's just as great as the 30 day challenge as I am...haha) and I gave in. I figure that my life will never be this un-busy again for awhile, so I better take my chance while I can.

So, here's some updates. Stay tuned for more.

Past Two Weeks: Clayton and I spent our last two weeks in Florida with my family (YAY!) and had a blast. I am very glad that my family was here to keep us company and play with us. Honestly, as much fun as Florida was, we were SO ready to come back to "normal" life and definitely ready for normal work schedules!!! Working til 2 or even 4 in the morning was really hard on us, and we really missed our family and friends. 

Thoughts: My family left a couple days before our departure date, so we spent our last two days working and packing. It was a very sad day for us as we said some final goodbyes to some very good friends we had made over the past five months at Florida. I miss every single one of my "WOD squad", and I will never forget them. I met some amazing people. 

Our Flight: We left on December 30th at 4:30am after a very short, sleepless night. We arrived at the Orlando International Airport around 5:00am. Our flight departed at 6:45am. We had to transfer flights in Dallas, Texas and had a stressful experience when we found out our flight to Albuquerque, New Mexico was delayed for an hour due to hazardous weather conditions in New Mexico. If the weather was bad enough, Clayton's family would not be able to drive out to NM to pick us up and drive to Colorado to spend "Second Christmas" with them. Thankfully, we got clearance to leave and were able to arrive to NM and Colorado safe and sound, and celebrated Second Christmas and New Years with my in-laws!

Thoughts: So basically, tomorrow is when the craziness begins.

Schedule: Jan 2 - The day that we finally head back to Utah and I am SO EXCITED!!! We are going to road trip it up with two of my sissy-in-laws Angela and Rachel. We are staying the night at my parent's house cause we don't have a bed prepared at our apartment.

Jan 3 - I purchase my school books, get a new school ID, buy a new backpack, renew car insurance, buy groceries, and MOVE everything out of my parent's garage into our new apartment. All in one day. 

Jan 4 - School starts for me!

Jan 5 - School starts for Clayton!

Jan 6 - I start my new job!! Woo-hoo!

Wish us luck as we start getting back to our "normal" lives!!!!

Continuing with the Challenge:

Day 17 - Someone you would want to switch lives with for one day and why
Ke$ha, obviously

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