14 December 2010

Thoughts and Day 16

So...I am sick. Really sick. For the past three days I have been sick and it seems like it's getting worse. Luckily, yesterday and today are my days off, but I am still sick. This means I am missing my Disney graduation today, which means I'm missing out on free food, quality time with friends, and very cold weather. Okay, I'm not too put out about the cold weather part, but I just want to go out and have fun. :(
I'm not even sure what I have...I have horrible earaches, headaches, stomachaches, stuffy nose, very sore and swollen throat, hot and cold flashes, nausea, and I have lost my appetite and have eaten practically nothing for the past two days. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!? 
I just want to get feeling better so I can be 100% healthy when my family comes and visits us in 

THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah...about that 30 day challenge thing...I've been behind BIG TIME. I have valid reasons though. My in-laws came and visited us December 1st - 9th and we had SUCH a blast! I didn't get on my computer the entire time they were here. Yup, no facebook. It felt good and refreshing. Anyway, I can't wait to blog about our "vacation"...I'm waiting for some pictures though, cause I hate long posts without any pictures. ADD, I guess.

Oh goodness...just threw up the only thing I've eaten today...apple for breakfast...I think I might have the flu. :( :(

Day 16 - Another picture of yourself

This was a picture of me in our house at Provo when I was working as an Assistant Manager at DEB. This is a few months after I dyed my hair darker and after I grew out my bangs (which I hated). My hair is pretty much back to it's original color now, and I'm debating whether I should get a blonde weave again or keep it at it's natural gingerness...bleh. I'm in that stage where I absolutely hate everything about my hair right now. I hate the length, the cut, my bangs, the color, and it's in desperate need of a trim! I'm sure you have all experienced this stage...it's the worst. 

Well I'm going to go make some ramen or something, cause we are all out of chicken noodle soup...hopefully it stays down... :s

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