13 November 2010

Day 8 - Goals

Day 8 - Short term goals for this month and when you'll accomplish them

I love making goals and being able to cross them off my list...it makes me feel oh-so-accomplished. Some of these are kind of boring, I apologize.  

1. Secure a job in Utah before we move back in January
2. Renew auto insurance before we move back to Utah
3. Prepare for when both of our families visit us in December! Yay!!!
4. Finish Christmas LIST...not shopping, it is still too early for that. Besides, I want to wait until I get my 50% discount off Disney merchandise. :)
5. Complete my online design/advertising portfolio by the end of next week. I was almost done with this one, but accidentally deleted everything I had worked on ALL DAY. I'm an idiot; still haven't forgiven myself of this.
6. Forgive myself for deleting my portfolio 
7. Try at least 5 new recipes by the end of the month
8. Compile list of things needing to be purchased for school before January (new backpack)
9. Keep apartment reasonably clean and keep up-to-date with the laundry
10. Remember to pray every morning 
11. Attend church every Sunday, no matter how late I get home from work the night before!!!
12. Keep myself healthy so I won't get sick this winter!
13. Attend the gym/workout room at Chatham
14. Spend time at Mickey's Retreat! This is free for cast members, and you can participate in all sorts of activities like boating, soccer, swimming, tennis, and much more. 
15. Did I mention secure a job before we move to Utah?!?!? Haha

Ta ta for now, I'm going to enjoy my Saturday by working all night! Wa-hoo! 

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