20 November 2010

Day 9

Day 9 - Something you're proud of in the past few days

I have TWO things that I am proud of!

Number one. This wasn't a few days ago, but I am still very proud of it. Our apartment management likes to have cleaning checks almost every month at the time when it happens to be most inconvenient for me. Like, for instance, our last cleaning check in October was scheduled for the day AFTER we planned to have a Halloween party at our apartment. We spent all day deep cleaning and then spent the night participating in clean, non-messy activities such as carving pumpkins, eating snacks and candy, playing games, and watching movies. 
Needless to say...we stayed up for a few hours after the party cleaning up again.

But oh, was it WORTH IT! The next morning bright and early we had our cleaning inspection. I was praying for a pass, hoping they wouldn't notice the little shreds of pumpkin that refused to come off our balcony porch. 

The results:

If you can't see, not only did we PASS, but we received the White Glove award! What is the White Glove award you may ask? Well, it is one of the most coveted awards to receive as a CP cast member. Why?

The reward:

Yesssshhh, that is a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates, and yesh, that is a note saying how awesome we are, and yesh, that is a long letter from management restating how awesome we are. Oh, and we got our picture taken to be displayed in the front office. Basically, it's a big deal.

Number two. I finally finally finally finished my online design portfolio. This is a huge accomplishment, people. I managed to accidentally delete the entire webpage when I first created it, and I didn't manage to delete this one, and I am very proud of it. Here is the link - check it out!


  1. You know, Clayton, never got the "White Glove Award" at my house. He must really love you. Good thing Noah wasn't there to fling pumpkin guts up on the ceiling.

    Good job on both counts.

  2. Great job! How is it that you never got the "White Glove Award" at my house either? I guess sometimes 1+1=3. So proud of you!