10 November 2010

Day 6

Day 6 - Favorite super hero and why

This is an easy one. 

If you have ever watched Smallville, you probably understand why my favorite super hero is Superman. Smallville is a television series about the story of Clark Kent and how he became a super hero. I started watching Smallville with my family during my high school years and became addicted to it. We always bought the most recent season on DVD so we could watch it whenever we wanted. We usually watched a couple episodes together on Sunday night and it immediately became family bonding time. At the end of each episode, my dad would always take a principle from the show and apply it to our lives. (Can you think of a show that can do THAT?!)

Watching Smallville now with my husband is very nostalgic for the both of us because Clayton also grew up watching Smallville with his family. If you have never watched Smallville, I highly recommend that you start watching it. 

Okay, this post has turned into a Smallville testimonial for me rather than why I love Superman. The reason why I love the character of Superman so much is because he used his abilities to help others instead of using his abilities to make him better than everyone else. He is very unselfish and he never puts his needs or wants in lieu of others. He uses his "blessings" to save the lives of others. What a remarkable character....we can all learn a lesson from Superman.  

This is why I love Smallville....

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