16 April 2012

Finals, Dr. Appt, Baby Chicks, Bump Pics!

Yes, it is finals week. Why am I on here, you may ask? Oh, that's easy. Because I am stressed. I am stressed about taxes (they are all done, but I don't want to pay $40 to file my state taxes, so I'm trying to figure that out), and I'm trying to juggle studying for my next two finals. I had a final this afternoon, which I did fabulous on. Oh, wait, I did fabulous at FORGETTING everything I studied. 

I was pretty bummed out about that. Okay, still kind of am. But luckily, my amazing husband could sense my bummed mood and offered to take me to Arby's (yup, still craving it) and of course I said yes. After all, it's good mood food. I feel much better now. Except that I am still stressed. Haha. Being pregnant really makes me feel weird sometimes. Thanks to my superman husband for putting up with me all the time and always knowing what I need. :)

Speaking of being pregnant, I'm still pregnant. Surprise! 

But for reals....why is it taking so long??? I am SO ready to pop this baby out and cuddle it and love it and just be a mommy. My patience is wearing thin. I'm not even halfway yet and I'm about ready to go cray cray. (Al, if you are reading this, that was for you). All I want is to have my little baby in my arms.

For Easter Sunday, we got fabulously pranked by our friend Chris and Jocelyn. They delivered some goods to our door and ditched it. And they filmed the whole thing, including our reactions and conversation, much to our unawares. You can watch it here:

They gave us a chick!!! A baby CHICKEN!!!! My heart melted and I was a bubbling blob for the rest of the day. I loved that chicken so much. I treated it as if was my own child. I cuddled it, fed it, made it warm, checked on it at night, cuddled it if it was lonely...the works. It felt great. 

We had to give it away, unfortunately, because we don't have a fenced backyard and our neighbors were about ready to kill us. I am sad, and this may sound dumb, but it made me realize just how ready I am to become a nurturer for the rest of my life.

Sigh. Come on baby, bake faster!!

So, update on our cute little baby. We had a doctor appointment last week and we didn't get to do an ultrasound :( but we got to hear the heartbeat again! It was a lot slower than last time, which is how it should be. I still can't get over how crazy it is to hear someone else's heartbeat inside of my body. Being pregnant is weird, when you think about it. 

Anyway, everything checked out normally and I am finally gaining weight! I still haven't reached my weight that I weighed at 6 weeks, but I'm sure I'll get there in due time. Due time, haha. Also, I think my baby is a ninja baby. This morning I was looking at my baby bump and it wasn't there! It totally disappeared! It seems like the baby bump only really comes out after I eat something...hmm.

Wanna see some bump pictures?

15 weeks

16 weeks

17 weeks

17.5 weeks
Yeah...I really think I have a ninja baby. Haha. Today I am 17 weeks and 5 days, and the baby is the size of a sweet potato! Holy cow that's huge! That is a bit larger than my hand. I've read that the baby will begin to double in size now, and I can't wait! The bigger the baby gets, the faster it will get here, right??

We get to find out the gender in the first week of May and I CAN'T WAIT! I really don't know what is growing inside of me. At first I thought it was a girl, and then I thought it was a boy, and now I just don't know what to think. It sure is limber and sneaky, that's for sure. 

As far as names go...ugh. That stresses me out. I want to find the perfect name. The baby's middle name will be a family name for sure, so that won't be as hard, but I want to be pretty original with the first name without people thinking it is too weird. I like having an original name, albeit hard to pronounce, it's very original. I like that.

I think our top baby names right now are Zaydrie or Zaydree for a girl, and Daxton or Dax for a boy. But that could very well change! We are open to any suggestions, so feel free to throw them our way.

Well, I guess I better get back to studying since I didn't study at all last weekend because my awesome in-laws were in town! We had so much fun and it was all so worth it. They are the greatest. I'll have to blog about our adventures next time, cause I am starting to feel the guilt of not studying right now.

Malae and Baby Sweet Potatuh out!


  1. I find naming a baby so interesting. Seriously. Like I just want to have a bunch of babies so I can name them all. Haha. I think though that we will just have a few names picked out and wait til the babe arrives before finally settling on one. I like the idea of name being inspired.

    1. I totally agree Christine! Luckily we are planning on having a big family, so I get lots of chances to pick names. :) I don't really like looking on baby naming websites and stuff because it feels too mechanic. Inspiration is the way to go! It's just so hard, but definitely a fun process.