12 February 2012

Let the adventures begin!

I really do love being pregnant.
I get crazy excited butterflies in my stomach when I think about having a baby.
Clayton is beyond excited and gives the baby little love pats and kisses whenever he can.

Speaking of Clayton, he is so wonderful.
I seriously lucked out here.
He understands how sick I feel and does everything he can to try to make me feel better.
He cleans the house, shops for groceries, and cooks me meals when I feel like death.
He doesn't even have to be asked. He just does it.
I'm so grateful for him.
I just wish that I wasn't so sick all the time. Honestly, it gets depressing sometimes.
I feel a little worthless at times because I just can't do everything that I want to do.

But it will be over soon. I hope that I only feel this way during the first trimester.
There are those women who are sick throughout their entire pregnancy, which I think would be absolutely awful, but a lot get feeling better once they hit their second trimester.
Here's to hoping.

Current pregnancy symptoms:
- Tired, all the time.
- Throw up at least once a day, usually in the mornings.
- Lots of smells make me nauseated, especially old food smells.
- Standing for long periods of time make me weak and feel nauseous.
- I get headaches often.
- I'll get intense cravings for certain foods one day, and then the next day that food will sound absolutely    
  disgusting to me.
- I have to pee.........ALL...........THE............TIME.
- Random bursts of excitement when I think about becoming a mommy. :)

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