29 February 2012

I can do hard things!

Wow - what a roller coaster of a ride this pregnancy has been so far! Yesterday and the day before were definitely the worst two days of my pregnancy thus far. To put it simply, I felt like this:

Flu + Food Poisoning + Starving + Being Pregnant = One Miserable Mama

 While I'm sure I didn't have the flu or food poisoning, it definitely felt like I did. I couldn't keep ANYTHING down. Even little sips of water would not stay down. Nausea was kicking my butt, and my head was pounding from the lack of water and nutrients. Standing up for more than 3 minutes would cause my body to think that I needed to throw up, and I would do so. If there wasn't anything in my stomach (usually the case), I would just dry heave. Nasty, I know. Going to the bathroom took about 20 minutes, just because I felt like I needed to go but nothing would come. Sleeping was my best friend because then I wouldn't have to focus on feeling so sick.

I was shaky and literally felt like I was actually starving myself. Not on purpose, but there was not a single thing that I could eat or drink that would stay down. I was very worried for my baby's health, so I kept trying to eat and drink, which resulted in more puking.

I looked up my symptoms online and felt like the most common answer to my problems was to go to the doctor and get treated for dehydration. I called my mom and asked for her advice. 

How is it that moms ALWAYS know what to say?

She reassured me that even if I wasn't getting the nutrients I needed, the baby was, so I shouldn't worry about the baby being affected. She told me drink tiny sips of anything just to keep my mouth wet, and demanded that my husband buy me some popsicles to suck on. 

My husband did just that, and in the midst of the snow and the late hour of the night (around 10:30pm), he drove to the store just to buy me some popsicles. 

My husband deserves like, everything. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Yesterday I decided to eat only liquids and most of them stayed down. Hallelujah! It was very hard to eat everything in such tiny proportions because I was so hungry, but I did it. 

Today, I still feel yucky and extremely nauseous, but I'm trying solids now. I've thrown up already today, but that could just be due to regular good ol' pregnancy sickness. I've keep cereal down - which is a huge accomplishment! 

Needless to say, things are looking up! Unlike my thoughts from 2 days ago, I really don't think that I will be this sick during this rest of this pregnancy. It was a hard time and it was weird, but for now, I have been given some strength to accomplish the things that I need to do. I can finish school, I can finish work, I can learn the things I want to learn. Most of all....I can focus on becoming a mommy. :)

I can do hard things! I can do this. Everything is worth it, no matter how hard life gets!

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