30 January 2012


Before I begin with the baby stuff, I want to write about a little thought that I've been wanting to post on my public blog...but let's face it. I never post on there anymore because all I ever want to talk about is having a baby.

For the past month, I have NEVER felt so happy in my life. I feel like I am a completely new person. I am genuinely happy. My perception has changed and it's made a huge difference in how I see things. My marriage has never been better. My relationships with others have never been better. It's the best thing ever.

Okay, now onto secret stuff.

Yesterday morning I was getting ready for my brother's farewell in our bathroom.
Everything was pretty normal, and I felt fine and nervous and excited for the upcoming events of that day.
However, our bathroom tends to get hotter than a sauna in the mornings, so soon I began to feel a little dizzy.
I opened a window in an adjacent bedroom and got ready for a little bit by the window so I could get a little fresh air.
Then I remembered that I hadn't had breakfast yet, so I went and grabbed a cup of orange juice because that was the only thing that was appealing to me.
I continued to feel nauseous for the remainder of the morning up until we left for Spanish Fork.

Okay, so that was a little weird. I haven't really had steady nausea since I was on birth control.

AND, might I add, I'm not eluding to ANYTHING here, I'm just stating some facts.

It's possible that I haven't started my period yet...for an entire month.

It's also possible that I am quite...tender...in some areas.

It's also possible that my stomach feels just plain weird.

It's also possible that I came home and cried for a half an hour last night because I'm going to miss my brother that is leaving for a two year mission soon.

And it's possible that I was ALSO crying because I was wishing that everyone could be happy, people's broken hearts were making me sad, I couldn't play with our neighbor's brand new kitty, and I had to go back to school in the morning.

...And maybe I feel nauseous this morning, too.

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