08 November 2010

Day 4...

Day 4 - A habit that I wish I didn't have...there's a lot more than one!

I have an AWFUL habit of pressing the snooze button on my alarm in the mornings. It probably wouldn't be so bad if 9 times out of 10 I accidentally turn my alarm OFF, and sleep in way longer than I intended. Yeah, this happened on my wedding day. 

I wrinkle my nose a lot. I didn't even realize how often I did it until my husband pointed it out. 

I have a habit of saying, "I feel ya" when I can relate to something that someone is telling me. I hate that phrase. I don't want someone that I don't know really well to take that phrase the wrong way.

During sales transactions, I have a habit of telling the guest everything that I am handing them. For instance, "here is your card back", "here is your bag", "here is your receipt", and sometimes I mix things up and tell them I am handing them their card back when it is really their bag, or something like that. It's embarrassing. 

I procrastinate. Who doesn't??

I listen to my music really loud. I don't mind this one, but I'm sure others do. :)

I have a habit of straightening and organizing any money that is handed to me during transactions before I put it into the till. Some people will immediately apologize and think I am doing it in front of them to make them feel bad. I don't do it to make them feel bad, I just do it cause I can't stand unorganized money.

That's all for now - busy day today! Happy Monday everyone!!!

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