23 November 2010

Day 11 - Mis Amigos!

Day 11 - Another picture of you and your friends

Okay...this is the round of friends I didn't get to last time! I'm excited for this one! I don't have pictures with everyone that I would like to post on here, but I will post what I have!

First and foremost...my WOD squad!!! Not everyone is pictured, but I'm hoping that one day I will get pictures of everyone. I am truly blessed to be working with some AWESOME people. I have definitely made some lifelong friends from this experience! We have all become our own huge WOD family and I would not have it any other way.  Love you guys!!!

Next we have Miss Laura! Love this girl to pieces - we instantly bonded and have become great friends! Fortunately for us, we are both from Utah and will be spending time together after our time in Florida has come to an end! 

Choir friends! Including Daniel...who is here in Florida doing the college program too! 

Pino! I will always and forever love this girl. We met a few summers back and we both had two jobs - both at the same places! Down East and Seven Peaks...we were destined to become friends. We have the same sense of humor I love it! She just got murried a few weeks ago and I am so so happy for her!

My EFY friends! I always have loved my EFY company every year I have gone and I am glad we have been able to stay in touch over the years! 

 High school friends

College BFFs!

Danielle!!! This is the only picture I have of us together (which needs to be fixed...soon). I love this girl - we met at the college program and she is becoming a better mormon than a CP!!! Haha!!!!

Kambrie, Angela, and Aubrey - love these girls!!! Sometimes we do weird things, like create the entire alphabet with our bodies (sometimes even when we have sunburns), but I love it!

 BYU friends! I had a blast when I lived at Crestwood during my sophomore year. These guys were great!

 My sister in-laws! I could go on and on about these girls for ages...they have seriously become my best friends! I am so blessed and can't wait to see them in almost a week!!!!

Seven Peaks friends...

My DEB girls! Oh how I love and miss you guys!!!