16 October 2010


Do you ever feel nostalgic when you get sick with a cold? For some reason I always feel very nostalgic when I get any symptoms of a cold, especially during the cold that I have right now. (Speaking of which....who knew that you could catch a cold in Florida??? Not me!) I've had this nasty cold for the past two days, going on three days now, and I have been bombarded by tons of nostalgic thoughts, feelings, and memories.

This morning I woke up and felt like there was snow on the ground outside, and that the light streaming through my window was a reflection of the sun against the snow. It was such a sweet feeling.
However, as my mind started working properly, I came to the sad realization that there was not any snow on the ground, and the bright white light that was peeping through my blinds was not a reflection of the sun against the snow, but it was just simply the warm bright Florida sun...as it is there every morning.

I miss being able to skip out on school and work and just stay home curled up in a big warm blanket on the couch, sipping hot chicken noodle soup and reading a good book. And I miss having a big box of soft tissues at my expenditure -- a roll of toilet paper just isn't the same!

I miss the feeling in the air that comes with the change in the seasons, being with family, having a sense of security. I think this is a bittersweet feeling that comes naturally as we grow up and slowly become detached from those familiar things of our past.

So....I guess a big reason for these nostalgic feelings that I am feeling right now is because I have spent most of my life experiencing colds at my home or familiar surroundings, usually during the colder parts of the year, which usually happens during fall or winter...all of which are things that I am longing for very much right now!!!

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