24 October 2010

cocoa beach

We've been wanting to go to the beach ever since we arrived in florida in august. Orlando isn't exactly right next to the coast...in fact, it's an hour and a half away. Unfortunately we don't have a car down here either, and our usual mode of transportation does not have a route that goes to the beach. We FINALLY got our chance to go last thursday with our friends Clay and Jordon and his wife, Angela. Clay and Jordon work at the jungle cruise with Clayton and Jordon and Angela also happen to be in our ward!
Cocoa beach, florida
We left early for the beach at 9:30am (that's really early for us because we don't get home from work usually until midnight and later) with the helpful navigation of Clay's GPS named "Lola". It spoke in an australian accent, which is the probably the coolest thing I've ever heard.

On our way there we saw the docking area for 3 major cruise line ships, including the Disney cruise line! 
This was my first time ever seeing a cruise ship in real life, and let me tell ya, those suckers are HUGE!
Disney Cruise Ship
We arrived at Cocoa beach around 11am. The weather was absolutely perfect - 86 degrees, no wind, and bright blue skies. We couldn't wait! 
walking to the beach!
As soon as we arrived we took lots of pictures...
Angela and Jordon
Malae and Clayton
The water was pretty warm once we got used to the temperature. :) This was my first time ever actually SWIMMING in the ocean! I've gone to beaches in California before, but only waded in the water up to our knees because the water was cold, played in the sand, and took lots of pictures. Here are some pictures from my last out-of-the-water beach experience.

 This was a whole new experience for me -- I don't know if it is normal to get caught in a huge school of fish when you swim in the ocean, but we sure did! Angela and I were freaking out because we didn't want to touch the fish...how gross would that be? The fish were fun to watch from afar, but definitely not close up. Lots of them would jump out of the water - it was crazy!
Jumping fish!
The COOLEST thing by far was that we actually saw DOLPHINS! Real, live, in-their-natural habitat dolphins. They were about 100 feet away from us and stuck around for a good five minutes! They were jumping out of the water, doing front flips, and one of them even did a back flip that we almost caught on camera (thanks to Clay's waterproof camera)...too bad Clayton had turned around right at that moment and didn't see it!
Look closely - the dolphin is at the very top of the picture!
After playing in the ocean for awhile we began to play on the beach in the sand and searched for seashells.
such a peaceful picture...i love it
Love the feeling of sand on bare feet....seriously, it is amazing.

Sadly, we had to end our day at the beach sooner than we wanted because I had to go to work and Jordon had to take a test. We made a quick stop at the Ron Jon surf shop as we were leaving and found some awesome deals on some clearance items. I finally have a pair of brown flip flops again! :) These are some of the pics we took as we were leaving...
safe place!

Yes, he is jumping...

We hope that we will be able to go back to Cocoa beach very, very soon! Such a fun day! 

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  1. Hello Malae and Clayton!! How awesome!! I wanna go tot he beach! How is living in Florida? How are your internships? Thats a pretty cool experience even though you are far away and nostalgic at times. Things here are great. Just workin and lovin married life. We got a little doggie. You can check out our blog. Have fun! Keep in touch.