14 September 2010

being a grown-up.

Childhood. Why is it SO short?!?!

When I was a child, I wanted to be a cooker when I grew up. (Quickly corrected by my mom....no sweetie, it's called a chef.)

Now that I am a grown-up, I don't particularly like cooking. It takes too long. I get bored. I never have any of the right ingredients. My husband asked me what I ate in college. I thought about it and gave an embarrassing response of mac and cheese, ramen, TACOS, and frozen pizza.

It's not that I am a BAD cooker....chef.....I even took a foods class in high school. Got a perfect A. When I really get myself motivated, I can cook some pretty awesome meals. But honestly, I would be dumb if I was not taking advantage of the fact that my hubs spent two years of his life in Italy, and happens to know how to cook wonderful Italian meals. I let him cook all the time. He is so lucky to have a wife that is so willing to let him cook.

Besides cooking, I kinda really hate doing grown-up stuff. Bills, insurance, doctor appts, schedules, finances, groceries, laundry, cleaning, paperwork.....

And another thing. I don't think it is fair that we only get to spend 18 years of our lives in childhood. That gives us the rest of our lives to be grown-ups. That could be over 80 YEARS of adulthood!!!!!

Ok....I'll stop ranting about responsibility.

So I'm kinda sorta maybe really baby hungry. Maybe a part of me is hoping to live vicariously through my children so I can have some childhood goodness back into my life. Not to mention.....I CANNOT wait to dress them up in outfits like this:
So adorable. I catch myself looking at baby photos all the time. It's almost an obsession. Good thing my hubby loves me for who I am. :) and I secretly think he loves looking at them too....

Florida update.....

we heard someone get arrested last night. That was fun.
the amazon-sized spider that was chilling by our front door for two weeks is finally gone.
it's still sickly hot & humid.
a few nights ago we had a huge lightning storm that struck one of the buildings next to ours.
we are in the middle of hurricane season.
clay and i are making lots of new friends.
i brought a mormon friend with us to church who overheard me talking about the church to an inactive girl. the inactive girl got my number and wants to come with us too.
we have almost been out here for a month! eek!
next week we are celebrating our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. If you think being a grown-up now is hard, just wait until you have kids--it's so much harder then. But it's also very rewarding to see them grow up and become something. Even if it is a cooker. :)

  2. WOW...a year already???????? Congrats! That's so awesome! You have the timing right on wanting a baby--that's about when I started that feeling!! Kids are wonderful. and hard. And wonderfully hard. And sometimes...not so wonderful..but still hard. LOL!

    You'll be a great mom...just like your mom. I can totally relate to not liking to do the "grown-up" stuff....me either. I don't want to grow up most days...even though I'm ....ummm...as old as your mom (cough) AND...I never wanted to be a cooker when I grew up...still don't want to be one.

    ENJOY your time in Florida...how fun!!!

  3. being a mom is the best and I highly suggest it! :) haha but I totally have to agree with you about cooking and about childhood and adulthood...we have way too much adulthood in our lives haha and if you were like me and starting working at age 16 and paying your own bills then I only had 16 years of childhood, which is way lame. Well....I love baby pictures too they are super fun, so if you do get pregnant I hope it's a girl so you can dress your baby up in that cute stuff because if it's a boy you can't dress them up with all that fun stuff...but boys are super fun and wouldn't change having my little man for anything :)