31 August 2010

Orange County, Florida

Alright. I'm officially the worst blogger ever. I keep promising that I will get better, but it never seems to happen...

It's probably because...

Nothing much has happened since I last blogged in April. Nothing exciting at least. We've both quit our jobs, moved out of our house in Provo, Utah, moved all the way to Orlando, Florida, and are now both working for the mouse as CPs (the lingo used for people in the College Program) at Disney World.
Boring, right??

Kidding!!! We are quickly adapting to the new change that has happened in our life. We are still not sure why we are out here, but then again it could just be a blessing from God cause he knows we could certainly use this time as a "vacation" before our lives start to become speckled with children. I sure like to think of it that way. We aren't saving near as much money as I had previously thought, because we happen to be paying $400 more a month for rent than I had expected. We didn't bring a car out here because we get free bus transportation from Disney, so at least we are saving on car expenses. :) So I guess it pretty much evens itself out, because we all know that cars are nothing but money pits and we would probably spend that $400 car problems!

I can totally relate to this guy's hair situation...
Florida is so pretty. It is definitely a change from Utah in almost all aspects. The scenery, the humidity, the people, the animals, the time zone, the culture...it's almost as if we are in a different country! I happen to hate the humidity because I can't stand outside for more than 10 minutes without being completely covered in sweat. Not to mention my hair can't make up it's mind...it won't stay straight, and it frizzes like a black person's hair when it's curly. So you can run and tell that, homeboy!

The reason why it is so pretty is because it rains almost everyday. And when it rains, it pours. I understand that phrase so much better now. It is nice though because the rain happens to be very warm!
I am obsessed with how many animals that I cross paths with everyday. The parking lot of our apartment complex is covered in little tiny lizards that run and jump into the bushes when they sense danger. They are the cutest little things. My goal is to catch one before we leave. I also came across a really cute frog when I was doing laundry. It made me so happy. We have also seen lots of bunnies at work when we are waiting for the bus to come pick us up! I learned that Walt Disney World property also is a large percentage of wildlife preservation, and seeing wild animals is not uncommon.

The culture is so different here. All I can say is...we're definitely not in Utah anymore.

We are both still very new to our jobs here. Luckily, this is the last week of training. Clayton is assigned to be a Jungle Cruise skipper. He's the guy that drives the cruise boat through a jungle of wild animals that tells corny jokes the whole time. He is still training and was able to take his first boat out yesterday. I haven't heard him yet but I'm sure he is wonderful at it. He is such a natural at that kind of stuff. He loves his job!

I am working of the World of Disney, the largest retail store on Disney property. It's huge - it is the size of a football field! It's a bit overwhelming. It's a big adjustment from anywhere else I have ever worked. I work some crazy hours, usually a 10 hour shift and not getting off til 1:30 or 2 in the morning. It's hard to be on your feet for that long. At least it's air conditioned. :)

Our apartment is really nice. It's pretty spacious for a one bedroom apartment. The kitchen is small, but I have a dishwasher now and that is all I care about!!! Our living room pretty much doubles as a dining room because we don't have a kitchen table. We just eat our meals at the bar or on the couch, whichever we feel like doing. Our bedroom is very large, and we have a bathroom and a vanity. Oh and we have a walk in closet - finally I get a closet that is big enough for all of my clothes and shoes, and I didn't have enough space to bring them all with me!

Since we didn't bring a car, we have the buses as our only source of transportation. For this reason, we are attending the Buena Vista Singles Ward because they provide transportation to CPs for church and church activities. I forgot how much I love singles wards - they are so much fun! I'm so grateful that we are able to attend. We struck a deal with the bishop that we would be willing to teach a Prep for Marriage course if he let us come to their ward...haha.

I promise I'll be better at this whole blogging thing in time...it just takes getting used to.

Until next time.... ;)

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