30 December 2009

[Insert Witty Christmas Title Here]

This Christmas break started off with a bang...literally! About a week ago I was driving my car to work from my parent's house. While on the freeway, I passed a REALLY loud semi truck. After I passed the semi, I noticed that my foot was putting full pressure on the gas pedal and I wasn't accelerating. In fact, I was decelerating. Then I heard a really loud sound again - but this time it sounded like it was coming from MY car. Smoke began to billow from underneath my car hood and I realized my car was experiencing some sort of interior explosion, or World War III.

I immediately pulled over to the side of the freeway and my car instantly died. As smoke was still pouring out from my hood, I began to bawl. Don't judge me, my car just practically blew up for heaven's sake! I sat there in shock for awhile, tears streaming down my face in disbelief. Clayton was at work, my dad was at work, and my mom was at home. I called my mom and she told me to call my dad to come get me. I called my dad and then called my work to inform them that my car had just exploded and I would be a few hours late. Then I decided this was somewhat of an emergency and called Clayton. He told me that he was coming to get me and that his job could wait. Once they arrived, they checked out my car and couldn't find anything that looked like it just exploded, so they came to the conclusion that the engine had seized. I don't know what that means, but it sounds like something not-so-good.

My dad took me to work and Clayton decided to call the Highway Patrol (bad idea, by the way) so they could assist us with pushing my car to the side of the road so it wouldn't be a blockade for snow plows. While I was at work, I got a call from Clayton telling me that the Highway Patrol man could not assist him with the car, and had just issued him a ticket for having illegal window tint. Awesome. Then I got another call from Clayton telling me that his car battery had died because his hazards were on for too long. Double awesome.

Believe it or not, this was only the beginning of our problems.

Somehow we managed to spend five glorious days in Colorado for Christmas - problem-free! I can't even begin to explain how wonderful it was to be in Colorado with the in-laws. I am so grateful for wonderful in-laws that truly made my first Christmas away from home feel like I was at home! A few of my fondest memories (and some not-so-fond) were:

1. Sledding!!!! We went sledding in the backyard and enjoyed watching each other wipeout. Okay, well that's my favorite of sledding. :) Then we got adventurous and went sledding on an overturned car hood that was attached to the back of the Yukon. We took turns flying down the driveway trying to hold on for our dear lives!
2. CHRISTMAS!!!! On the night of Christmas Eve, all 11 of us "kids" slept in the boys room. It was super crowded and everyone erupted into giggles every five seconds, but somehow we all managed to fall asleep. We woke up at 6:30 in the morning and then it was a madhouse! I have never seen so much wrapping paper in my life!!!
3. Turning the house in a hair salon. Rachel and I decided to dye our hair during Christmas break. Long story short: Rachel's hair was gold/brown/rust colored on Christmas day, and my hair was purple/red on Christmas day. We will forever relive those memories every time we look through the Christmas pictures of that year. Lucky us...

So pretty much those 5 days in Colorado were bliss. I loved it, and I thoroughly enjoyed spending my first Christmas together with my husband and my in-laws. I can confidently say it was a successful Christmas and a wonderful time to celebrate the birth of our Savior.

So, remember those problems I was talking about?

On our way home from Colorado, a small rock chip on our windshield turned into a huge three-foot long incision. Then, once back in Utah, Clayton got ANOTHER ticket on his way home from work.

It's looking like money is going to be a slight issue here, yeah?

THEN I am informed in a store meeting that the company I am working for has decided to close the Orem and Provo stores and that we will be unemployed in one month.

My husband and I have turned this into a game. We're both taking guesses as to what the next problem is going to be. My guess is that we'll find out that we're pregnant. With eight babies.

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