09 November 2009

Boy Meets Girl

So...I decided to be original and start a blog about our married life. We lead fairly interesting lives and I would love to share it with all of our friends and family. Since I'm somewhat of a late-bloomer for starting this blog, let me catch you all up to speed with our story.
October 2008
Boy meets Girl. Girl doesn't remember Boy.
May 2009
Girl meets Boy. Boy remembers Girl.
June 2009
First Date. Boy asks Girl on date. Girl says "Yes". Boy cooks Italian pasta for Girl. Boy and Girl talk until 7 a.m. in the morning. Girl likes Boy.
Second Date. Boy tries to impress Girl by trying to find a romantic waterfall up Provo Canyon. Boy can't find waterfall. Boy fails. Girl still like Boy.
Third Date. Boy kisses Girl. Girls really likes Boy.
Many More Dates.
June 16. Boy and Girl become Boyfriend and Girlfriend.
July 2009
July 1. Boy and Girl decide they can't live without each other.
July 4. Boy asks Girl to marry him. Girl says "Yes".
July 11. Girl meets Boy's family. Girl breaks off engagement. Just kidding.
August 2009
August 25. Boy and Girl find their first home in Provo.
September 2009
September 12. Girl has Bachelorette Party.
September 24. Boy has Bachelor Party.
September 25. Boy and Girl become Husband and Wife for all time and eternity.
And the story continues...

We have now been married for more than a month and we are LOVING the married life!!!
Keep checking out our blog for more of our stories!

1 comment:

  1. June 10. we all know something is going on between you two. clayton denies it.
    june 17. we see you holding hands. clayton still denies it.
    July 2. clayton reveals that you aren't dating like we all thought. just engaged instead.

    oh how i loved watching this relationship progress. haha. i love you to be blogging now!