10 November 2009

25 Random Facts About Da Wife.

Malae's 25 Facts

1. I actually don't mind watching commercials. It is intriguing to me to see the methods of companies trying to get my money.
2. Most of my pet peeves are traffic related.
  • The "Provo Pause" or "Orem 'Oh!'" (light turns green, 5 seconds later, the driver realizes they can go)
  • Unnecessary moving closer to the car in front of you while sitting at a red light. It was your fault that you stopped where you did. It is OKAY to leave a few inches between your fender and the car in front of you. Moving forward wastes gas and accomplishes nothing!
  • Traveling at speeds below the speed limit. Open your eyes, and check out the speed limit signs around you. It changes.
  • Yielding at a right green arrow light. Right green arrows exist!!!!!!
  • Being the first in line at a light and not paying attention. Not all traffic lights last for five minutes, so don't busy yourself with something else.
  • Unnecessary spastic braking. Just let off the gas!
3. Another one of my pet peeves is when people leave 3 seconds left on the microwave.
4. I love office supplies. Seriously, I could be entertained in the office supple aisle for hours. In fact, I did just that at Wal-Mart today when I was waiting to pick up Clayton. Mmm....office supplies.
5. I have played the drums for about eight years. And yes I have my own drum set.
6. My first ride in a cop car was at age 3. Reason being: I ran away from nursery with a boy.
7. Speaking of police, they have shown up at EVERY party that I have ever thrown. All but one instance was due to noise complaints from the neighbors. Oops...
8. Also when I was three years old, I ditched my dad at the sound booth in the De Jong concert hall and went running up to dance on the stage with the Cougarettes. Man, I was a rebel.
9. I have taken two spontaneous road trips to Vegas in less than a year. We almost did it again for my bachelorette party.
10. I am in love with the smell of men's cologne...I'd probably wear it if it was socially accepted.
11. I've dated John Beck's cousin.
12. I have met Marie Osmond, rang up her daughter's prom dress, swiped her credit card and asked to see Marie's driver license. It was awesome.
13. I have busted shoplifters before, both while on the job and off duty.
14. I have invented many things. One of which, is parking spots.
15. I am a huge nerd when it comes to sound in general and especially sound effects in movies. When I am watching a movie in surround sound with a sweet subwoofer, I get goosebumps. Especially Star Wars.
16. I play by ear. I can, but don't like to read music notes.
17. I tend to get very competitive...it's kind of ridiculous. I usually have to be dragged away from a game of beach volleyball.
18. I am a visual learner. Give me a political science picture book and I'll be a poly sci guru in days.
19. I won the spelling contest in fourth grade.
20. I also got braces in fourth grade. I am pretty sure I was the first one in my Elementary School to get braces. To this day, I still don't know what I did to deserve the humiliation.
21. I don't love Edward.
22. I'm a Mac, and my husband is a PC. Who knows what our children will turn out to be.
23. My eyes change colors and intensity depending on what I am wearing.
24. It usually takes me between half to a full hour to fall asleep, and the same amount of time to wake up.
25. I think 25 facts is pushing it.

Da husband's 25 facts will be coming soon...

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