01 February 2012

On the day I find out I'm pregnant...

It will probably be like every other day.
The husband and I will start our morning with a prayer.
My husband will ask Heavenly Father to help us understand if the test results are not in our favor, and that we may understand His will.
Then, I will probably be surprised as to how the husband's prayer was worded, and then start doubting my "gut feelings".

Then I will probably wait until my husband is done with the bathroom, and then take my turn.
I'll probably take the test right then, first thing in the morning.
I'll probably read the instructions at least a billion times to make sure I'm doing everything exactly right.
Then it will probably take me five minutes to get going, because I get nervous when I HAVE to pee.
Then, I will set the test aside and let it work its magic for the next three minutes.

Then I will probably go back upstairs and pack a lunch for my husband, and try to fit in a quick breakfast with him before he leaves to catch the bus.
Then, I'll go retrieve the test and tell him to come with me.
He will most likely doubt that the results are positive, so he will tell me to just bring it up to him.
I will shrug, and walk downstairs to retrieve the test.
I will glance at the test, and then do a double take because the test will have two little pink lines in the result window, rather than just one.
I will double check to make sure that two pink lines means "You Are Definitely Prego!"
And it does, so then I will probably walk back upstairs in a bit of a daze.

Then, to mix things up a bit, I'll put on a sad face and reluctantly show the husband the test results.
The husband's face will fall, and then get confused as he reads that two lines means, "You Are Definitely Prego!"
Then he will look back at my smiling face and realize that I had tricked him.
He will then get the softest, happiest, content face that I have ever seen, and then whisper, "you're pregnant?"
I will nod and then we will both get tears of joy welling up in our eyes.
Then we will hug for a long time, look back at the test, and hug some more.
And then we will say, "oh my gosh..." over and over and over again.

Then I will look up at the husband, and say, "You are going to be a daddy."
And then the husband will get the happiest grin on his face again.
He will say to me, "You are going to be a mommy."
I will say, "We are going to be parents."
A series of "oh my gosh...." will happen all over again.

Then we will rush to get Clayton out the door to catch the bus on time.
Before he runs out the door, he will give me lots of bear hugs and kisses.
Then he will leave, and we will text each other back and forth about how excited we are.
Then I will sit down and blog about our morning.
Then I will see that the husband forgot his lunch, and see it sitting on the couch across from me.

Hey....wait, all of this did happen.

This morning.


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