01 September 2011


Today as I was walking through BYU campus after my last class, I came to a realization.
All the students are getting YOUNGER!
I've never really noticed an age difference between me and other students until that moment.
It used to be hard for me to tell who the freshman were and differentiate between classes.
But today...I noticed freshmen EVERYWHERE!!

Then, I came to the realization that I must be getting...OLDER! Freak out moment.

It's kind of a downer that I'm still a Junior and I'm 22 and should of graduated this year. Not to mention that I'm still not in my major program.
It's hard to see people that I graduated high school with graduate college before me. I feel like I've been going to school forever. (Four years and counting!)
I've only taken two semesters off -- one to get married, and one to go to Florida.
My entire first year of classes at SUU didn't even transfer as generals to BYU, which put me behind another year.

Now that we are planning on having a baby soon, I will most likely have to take off another semester.

But, I'm strangely okay with that fact.

I know that God wants us to have a baby, so I will do it. Even if it doesn't seem feasible right now. Even if I have no idea who is going to watch my baby while I'm in class and the hubby is at work/school. Even if I have no idea how I'm going to manage my life.

I do know that everything will work out. God will provide a way. He always does.

So...here's to graduating in 2017! Woooo! 

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