11 July 2011


was exhausting.

left the house at 8:30am 
dropped the hubby off at work.
Went to work and designed class reunion postcards
got off at 1:00pm, avoided a parking ticket. Phew.

went back to hubby's work and got ready to take the day camp kids to Seven Peaks.
I was a volunteer.
Rode on the bus, stopped a few fights
arrived at Peaks and checked in our group of 37
marveled at the new office makeover
ran into some old coworker friends
reminisced about the three years I worked there
& reminisced about when I fell in love there.

made some new friends named
Aysa, Hailey, Sung Yung, Jackson, and Tyler
and we rode slides
went to the wave pool and lazy river
and got sunburned
then Aysa cut her toe and we took her to First Aid
then we lost Jackson
then we lost Tyler
then we lost Hailey and Sung Yung
and then we lost Aysa
but then, one by one, we found them all. 
Then it was time to go home
we rode the bus, stopped a few fights
played games at the center
and said our goodbyes.

came home
accidentally fell asleep for half of an hour
ate some french toast
did laundry
and planned dinner.

Tonight I
will make said planned dinner 
go to Orem to do responsible adult stuff
and then go to the gym with the hubby.


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