27 July 2011

Fiesta Days, Pioneer Day & Thoughts

Pioneer Day.

It was awesome. I love July because it has TWO holidays and they BOTH include fireworks and I LOVE fireworks. This Pioneer day was a very, very busy day! 

In the morning my cousin Abbie and I met up with my family to watch the Spanish Fork Fiesta Days parade. My sister Kambrie was in the parade for the MMHS Student Council. The parade wasn't as cool as the one Provo had on the fourth of July, but it was still fun. I just love watching people. 

This was the coolest part of the parade. The jeeps literally backed up onto each other.
After the parade we went and watched my brother Nick perform some songs at the SF library. He did an amazing job and the crowd loved him! I love to see Nick perform as much as possible before he leaves on his mission. I'll really miss him while he is gone. We've gotten really close in the past few years and it will be weird when he is gone.

Nick and his drummer Sean
Music Video/Hike
We ate lunch after Nick's performance and then headed up to Provo Canyon to film Nick's newest music video with his friend Garrett. So, we got there, and then Nick and Garrett informed us that they wanted to shoot at a location that we could only get to by foot. Ok, no big deal. 

So we thought.

It wouldn't have been a big deal if:
a) it wasn't 90 degrees
b) if we had hiking shoes
c) if we didn't have to carry the camera equipment, keyboard stand, and the 70 pound keyboard
d) if there weren't any bugs
e) if there was shade
f) if we were wearing light clothing
g) if it wasn't in the middle of the day
h) if it was only a five minute hike.

I don't like to complain, but man, that was rough.

It was worth it though. I caught some AMAZING shots and I cannot wait to see the final product. Garrett and Nick did a great job.

After the hike, we went back down to Spanish Fork and decided to go tubing at the SF reservoir. We had a fun time but it was around 7:00pm and it was cooler than we would have liked. I definitely wanna go back when it is warm. It was fun to see the fish and the ducks and even some divers! 

It started to rain so we headed back to my parent's house and hung out until it was time to go see the fiesta days rodeo fireworks at the sports park. Parking was surprisingly easy and we met up with a lot of my really good friends!! I love fiesta days fireworks because it is kind of like a high school reunion. It is one day out of the whole year that I know I can see all my friends together! It's super fun and I never want to miss it. 

The fireworks weren't as spectacular as we hoped for, but the finale was cool. After the show my friends and I hung out awhile longer until traffic got better. Meanwhile, I decided to be daring and try out this four person human slingshot thing that had intrigued me the whole night. This was the result every time I tried.

It was really fun until I forgot to LET GO of the slingshot....it launched me straight into the ground head first! Hahaha. My fingers got scraped up pretty bad as a result, and they still hurt! Man, I haven't had battle wounds in a long time.

Post band-aid...it looked a lot worse before!

More Fireworks
The day before Pioneer Day we watched some fireworks at my parent's house. Like last time we watching fireworks at home, there was a near death experience for ALL of us this time! Nick continued to run around with lit fireworks, except this time it got too hot for him so he threw it back onto the street. The firework proceeded to EXPLODE. It was terrifying and thrilling all at the same time! Needless to say, my mother was less than pleased!

Random Thoughts...
  • I can't believe July is almost over. That means only one month left of summer! Freaking out.
  • House hunting sucks. We made an offer on "THE" house last week and found out someone else had already made an offer the day before we did. Oh, and they accepted it. $#!#$*@!%*@%
  • Buying season passes to Lagoon was such a good plan and good investment! We've gone tons of times and have a blast every time. I can't wait for Frightmares :)
  • I may or may not have eaten an entire bag of chocolate that my husband bought me yesterday. I'm not sure where this sudden chocolate craving came from, but it is going to kill me. I think it is because we haven't had a single ounce of chocolate in our house for like, months.
  • Speaking of getting fat, I'm really really really glad I bought a gym pass. I love going to the gym. And cardio cinema is the best thing ever.
  • Clayton ripped his pants this last Sunday when we were teaching our Primary class full of 6 year olds. Needless to say, reverence was hard to maintain afterwards. 
  • I found a great scripture verse last night and thought I would share it's greatness: "And those who were faithful in keeping the commandments of the Lord were delivered at all times." - Alma 50:22

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