05 November 2010

Day 2 & Halloween!

Day 2: The meaning behind my Blog name.

Ahh....this should an exciting post. My blog name is Clayton and Malae Talley because I thought that blog titles such as "Totally Talley" or "Talley Tabloid" or "Talley Times" were wayyyyy too catchy.
Tried as I might, there are simply no descriptive "T" words that go with our family's last name, so I settled with the popular trend of naming our blog after ourselves. Super original, I know.

We celebrated halloween a few days early this year with a few of our good friends! Here are some pictures from our festivities!

Jack Skellington from Nightmare Before Christmas
Happy Birthday??
I'm Walt Disney!
Carving pumpkins
The candy that I ate wayyy too much of that caused me to throw up for the first time EVER on Halloween!
Our favorite "other" married couple
Apple cider and hot chocolate
Washing the pumpkin seeds!

My cute husband!
Clay and Laura
Jordon and Angela

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